The Beginning and End of the Universe – Space Science Documentary

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This spectacular, epic voyage across the cosmos, takes us from the Earth, past the Moon and our neighboring planets, out of our Solar System, to the nearest stars, nebulae and galaxies and beyond – right to the edge of the Universe itself.

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bryan pinto says:

commercials every 5 minutes

David Mayhew says:

Is somebody playing the piano next door?

Christophe Bellanger says:

Have we answered to the question: has the whole universe been created from quantum vaccum or even nothingness ? If the reasonnable answer could be no then who has created it ?

This aspect of the question is often eluded, is it not a bit strange that some Scientists reject right from the start that the universe was created by someone creator of all things instead of remaining open to this possibility ?

Can it be called a scientific attitude when dismissing an hypothesis from the simple fact of current limited understanding of the reality ?

Stick a fork in us. We’re done. says:

Look, if there’s one “verse” there’s surely more. Countless universes or “multi verses.” No beginning. No end. You guys always limit everything with assumptions.

Seventh Angle says:

Oh you haven't seen shit yet! ✴️

T Wood says:

The earth is not going anywhere. In the future earth will be renewed, purified with fire, all vestiges of sin and death removed, and inhabited by God and His people for eternity.

Kay says:

It's kinda more profound that the sun will eat the earth in a couple of billion years, our beautiful planet is two thirds of the way through it's life

fcapio says:

Cosmology is not a science, it is a source of endless speculations and theories. Some of the most stupid ones you can see here….

Overseer Of Yahweh says:

Lol, 25 double ads. No thank you.

Ace.. says:

Answer to the video title…. "No such thing on both counts". If that is to hard to grasp, then you belong in this time period. Wich history proves to always be dumb. Maybe one day the tiny human psyche can process notions beyond the finite, and contemplate infinity. Modern scientific consensus is just one step up from religion. A tiny step though. It's stil just believing in a silly human made story with zero actual evidence, with equally ignorant conclusions as a result. This is the very definition of pseudoscience.

ColinG says:

Who gives a shit – why don’t these “superbrains” use their intelligence to do something useful.

Rahman Hidayat says:

An explosion means things go to all directions, some stand still

Wendy Guthrie says:

Scientists are drawing such erroneous conclusions through their lack of knowledge and putting out possible scenarios that are wrong, wrong, wrong. Energy is being created constantly. It's just that we, in our universe, are unable to do this but it does happen elsewhere. The Big Bang theory is bollocks. Nothing gets created out of nothing. The Big Bang was our universe falling into a black hole. We are in a big, black hole and the rest of the cosmos (the greater part) is not visible to us but it exists. Until our scientists awaken to the truth that creation and evolution are not mutually exclusive, they aren't going to be any more enlightened than the tyrannical religious leaders of centuries past who denied scientific progress and persecuted those who were making discoveries.

Kusmardiyanto Totok says:

The God is who expanded the universe for sure

The-Trustees says:

EXPANDED, not exploded, FFS. Now I can't continue if you are going to be do careless that you enable creationist strawmen to actually exist.

jabadaba du says:

What if the blackhole is a universe? Neverending consumption of every single atom?
What if we are seeing atoms as smallest part of everything, but are maybe actual universes? We see things bigger or smaller then us and use this as it is. Universe is not a place to compare it with earth…

Jake Sims says:

My only problem with this video is a big one. . . . (Sigh). . . . Some mf put on a hard hat to launch a damn model rocket u can get from any Walmart or craft store. . . . Like were talking about the end of the universe . . Ur scared of that? Like u wear swim gear and water wings and snorcle in the damn shower? Get real

1 Deep says:

The universe will never end fool

Anonymous Person says:

Wouldn't know, wasn't around to see them

BobVylan says:

We are having to come to terms with the gravitational hole that created the particles that could hold life within it, is the one thing we can never figure out.
Just basic mathematics, time, and space, can all be curved, twisted, and manipulated. And we would have no idea what we are watching.
Even though we all spawned from this implosion, the Milky Ways entire gravitational field pulled by this singularity, it does not even abide by laws of physics we are held by.
There were countless Big Bangs, that we have no ability to trace through time. Even the Universe is constantly evolving. The things we slowly learn are all moving away from us at speeds we can never hold.
If any of this is true, there is truly nothing to live for, and every breath you take is a big virtue signal, claiming importance amongst matter that has no need for you, but has still blessed your ass with your pathetic speck of dust life.

Bryan B says:

The music is so distracting in this

Eddie Lap Lap says:

Space is fake. No science. Just fairy tales for grown ups. Earth is flat and motionless.

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