Space Science Investigations (NASA) Achievement Walkthrough – FREE & EASY 1000 Gamerscore in 30 Mins

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Space Science Investigations (NASA) Achievements Walkthrough – FREE & EASY 1000 Gamerscore in Under 30 Minutes

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Achievements Unlocked in this Walkthrough:
Welcome Aboard – Completed the initial training
Handyman – Collected a Wrench, Drill, Screwdriver, and Duct Tape
Play Time – Collected a Teddy Bear, Soccer Ball, Yo-Yo, and a Dinosaur
Straight Shooter – Flew through the US Lab without touching the walls
Book Worm – Read all 6 of the blue books
Pit Stop – Found a toilet
Vomit Comet – Watched the Vestibular video
Home Sweet Home – Get oriented with the layout of the ISS
Space Face – Watched the Cardiovascular video
Shutterbug – Prepare for the HTV arrival
Cut The Feed – Saw something strange in the WORF
Earth Gazer – Opened the Cupola
To See Or Not To See – Watched the Vision video
No Pain, No Gain – Watched the Muscle video
In Space, No One Can Hear You Sneeze – Watched the Immune video
Cargo Catcher – Berthed the HTV
An Apple A Day – Found an Apple
Mission Complete – Completed all tasks
Station Explorer – Visited every module in The Station
Principal Investigator – Visited 10 weblinks
Frequent Flyer – Returned to the game a second time

This is a video guide for Space Science Investigations: Humans in Space by NASA which is free on Xbox Store where the full 1000 gamerscore is possible in under 30 minutes. This video is a walkthrough of the entire game and includes all collectibles, main tasks, videos, and puzzle solutions.

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DannyBoy says:

Easy video to follow! Thanks Maka!

Caner Bayar says:

I know its free but worst game I've ever played

Cyanimation says:

If you're like me and all you have left is the books, 2 at 2:15, the other 4 in a row at 4:49,

Mica Crestana says:

You're the best <3

Zebra123man says:

Thanks maka for another easy game ❤️

Oh Yeah Jake says:

Is this available on PC?

Mr S says:

Thank you for this vidéo

Срегей Васильев says:

It works! Thank you for your help!

Mo Saeed says:

Brilliant walkthrough, awesome game! Thanks Maka!

Lonely Raven says:

if i don.t now how to use soft pNice tutorialsical

Martin says:

Thank you Maka!

LewTube says:

can you do a guide for the other nasa game to the moon and back ?

Boosted DC2 says:

395 on the workout machine Maka

Rilude says:

Thanks for the video x

lR3M says:

Just got me over the 50k mark

Ben McCaughran says:

You need to go a vid on ‘Radioactive Dwarfs’, 1000g in 10seconds

Sutheu says:

I can't unlock Principal Investigator, it says no Internet detected, Edge won't open. Edge is already the latest version, does anyone know how to fix it?

TheScReX says:

Thanks Maka for another great guide. Big fan of these sub 30 minute guides 😀

Martin Adams says:

I'm a huge space nerd so I actually absolutely loved this game lol just based on the science of it. I wish nasa would make more stuff like this cause it's a cool way to get more people into space.

Mo_Rhec says:

i gotta mute that cough

Mo_Rhec says:

float was an understatement

Bigfootmta says:

Glad to see you back I noticed the uploads are getting slower I hope you’re doing okay maka. You’ve been a big help to me

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