Donald Trump's Ohio Rally

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Former President Donald Trump will be holding a rally in Ohio for Senate Candidate JD Vance. This will be only the second post-primary rally for the former president.

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April Kenock says:

I watched this (I watch them all) and it was great. I love to hear Trump speak!! I'll be glad when he returns and makes the presidency great again!!!!

jim stineman says:

Put this criminal away

Irwin Fletcher says:

It’s nice to see a president that’s actually coherent

Ryan Thompson says:

Come back trump,, secure the country once again, malaphor, along with the rest of Satans unholy demons, are killing us,,,,

RuDuffEnough WellRu says:

Biggest rally in American History. Trump 2024!

Eva Jon says:

Trump is the best president true patriot thst America ever had . Go MAGA!

Ernest T. Bass says:

I truly feel sorry for all you Trump supporters. He doesn't care one bit about you as long as you are sending him your hard earn dollars. Open your eyes, he's a sick, pathetic lying draft dodger who'll keep scamming you fools until the day he dies.


Losers hold rally's. Winners hold office.

"Some actually act as if Trump is the second coming, as in Jesus reborn! Like their Jesus came back as a racist, sexist, misogynistic, rapist, and all around criminal! I mean he is everything that Christian claim to be against, so does this mean Jesus was like him?"

Eightwin says:

Deleted on YouTube . You can see this on Rumble. Silencing the opposition because you're afraid to lose your power. Thats pretty much Fascism. You can see which side occupies the high ground. Left is violence and oppression. Be free people. Don't let these people make choices for you.

Beth Marie says:

Live now on Newsmax!! Newsweek you lied.

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