Video shows Ukrainian soldiers rolling into liberated towns

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New video has shown Ukrainian soldiers rolling into recently liberated towns, part of Ukraine’s stunning offensive in the east that has freed an estimated 150 thousand people from Russian rule.


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Theotherside says:

So an un-named US source blabs about all the help given by the US. Is he a traitor or what? trying to drag the US into the war? Was it a big bribe? I thought you had the CIA to eliminate these people.

CJ Salud says:

Did the Chenchen tiktokers went back to their caves?

Nite Knight says:

Watching the Ukrainian hero soldiers roll into town was SAWEEETTT! Slava Ukraine.

董振宇 says:

The disaster caused by the US led NATO! Think about invading Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Yugoslavia! In order to plunder oil, hundreds of innocent people have not been slaughtered! Why is the collective silence?

Ex-CIA director predicts ‘terrible, painful retreat’ for Russia

Giovanni di Capo says:

I hate these f**** reporters why do you need to report that we're helping them with intelligence.? Idiot

victor Van est says:


Indy Dude says:

Ukraine is condemned to lose this ultimately. This effort, however, will make the Russian economy implode. The latter is the ultimate goal of the West/NATO. Ukraine as a viable nation-state is of no concern any more than Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Bosnia, Panama, Somalia, Lebanon, El Salvador, Nicaragua,….

Lao Q says:

Russia is a terrorist state and must be totally isolated! A lot of new Buchas have been discovered at the liberated territories. Russians tortured people to death.

Dalmar Cadde says:

It looks like russian soldiers do not want fight for putin.

Dalmar Cadde says:

Man has a plan but God has all the plans.

bambang303378 says:

USA: "Opps I did it again"
USA defeated NAZI in 1945
USA defeated Russia in 2022

Мykola Vorotylenko says:

Idiotic Putin’s 204 days of war

Russia’s losses in war in Ukraine

From February 24, 2022 to September 15, 2022

1. Military troops killed– (TBC) – over 53 850. For one murdered Muscovite, there are 87 Dagestanis, 275 Buryats and 350 Tuvans. (In Afghanistan 10 years – 15 000)

2. Wounded – approximately 100 000. (according to statistics, for one killed there are 2-5 wounded)

3. Total losses Putin’s “elite forces” in Ukraine: (53 850+100 000=153 850. BUT! According to popular journalist in Moscow A. Karaulov, Putin lost more than 200 000 soldiers. Oppositionist M. Khodorkovsky, based on his sources in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, reports that as of August 26, 2022, more than 361.4 billion rubles have already been paid for the killed Russian soldiers in Ukraine. It means 48,759 soldiers are officially killed. But this is just only for Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, without the Russian Guard, wagnerites, volunteers, collaborators, t.z. "DNR", "LNR" and the FSB?. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation requests another 271 billion rubles in 2022. And for 2023, request 724 billion rubles. They allow losses of up to 200 thousand people. For what?

4. Aircraft – 250

5. Helicopters – 215

6. Tanks – 2 193

7. Armored personal vehicle – 4 682

8. Rocket launcher “Grad” – 311

9. Air defense system– 167

10. UCAV drones – 908

11. Navy vessels – 15

12. Artillery system – 1 290

13. Military vehicles – 3 522

14. cruise missiles – 233

15. Special equipment – 120

16. Prisoners – over 1000

17. Updated List of Russian generals and senior commanders KILD in Ukraine:

1. Lieutenant General Yakov Ryazantsev (03/25/2022, Kherson).

2. Lieutenant General A.N. Mordvichev (03/18/2022, Kherson).

3. Major General Oleg Mityaev (03/15/2022, Mariupol, Donetsk region).

4. Major General Andrey Kolesnikov (03/11/2022,).

5. Major General Vitaly Petrovich Gerasimov (03/07/2022, Kharkov region).

6. Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky (02/28/2022, Mariupol, Donetsk region).

7. Major General Magomed Tushaev (02/26/2022, Gostomel, Kyiv region).

8. Major General Vlaislav Yershov (03/?/2022, Dismissed – Possible Suicide)

9. Major General Nikolai Zusko

10. Major General Vladimir Frolov

11. Major General Andrew Simonov

12. Major General Kanamat Botashev

13. Major General Valeriy Asapov

14. Major General Roman Kutozov

15. Lieutenant general Roman Bernikov

16. Major General Nasbulin

Colonel Vladimir Zhoga, Commander Sparta Battalion

Colonel Denis Kurilo, Commander 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade

Colonel Yuri Medvedev, Commander 37th Motor Rifle Brigade – Run over by Russian tank

Colonel Sergi Sukharev, Commander 331st VDV

Colonel Sergi Porokhnya, Commander 12th Engineer Brigade

Colonel Konstantin Zizevsky, Commander 247th Guards Air Assault Regiment

Colonel Andrei Zakharov, Commander 6th Tank Regiment, 90th Tank Division

Colonel Alexei Sharov, Commander 810th Guards Separate Order of Zhukov Brigade

Colonel Vitaly Slabtsov, Commander 83rd Separate Air Brigade

Colonel Alexander Bespalov, Commander 59th Tank Guards Tank Regiment

Colonel Unknown Unknown, Commander 503rd Guards Motor Rifle Regiment

Colonel Ivan Hrishin

Colonel Vladimir Ivanov

Colonel Sergey Postnov

Colonel Denis Kozlov

Colonel Andrei Vasilyev

Colonel Sergey Kens

Colonel Sergey Kuzminov

Colonel Andrei Gorobyets

Colonel Koval

Colonel Gordeev

Colonel Olga Kachure

Colonel Nikolai Gorban

Colonel Vasily Kleshchenko

Colonel Vitaly Tsikul

Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Safronov, Commander 61st Marine Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Agarkov, Commander 33rd Motorized Rifle Regiment

Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Dormidontov, Commander Rocket Artillery Division.

Lieutenant Colonel Denis Glebov, Deputy Commander 11th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade.

Lieutenant Georgy Dudorov, Deputy Commander Airborne Reconnaissance Division.

Captain First Rank Andrey Paliv, Deputy Commander Black Sea Fleet

Captain First Rank Anton Kuprin

Captain Alexey Glushchak, Commander GRU Military Intelligence

Lieutenant Colonel Azatbek Omurbekov, Commander 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, has been tentatively identified as the commanding officer in charge of the Bucha war crimes. Major General Aleksandr Dvornikov was tentatively identified as the commander who ordered the rocket attack on the train station in Kramatorsk.

++ in general, (on August 13, 2022) there killed more than 1000 officers of different ranges. (100-colonels, 47-lieutenant Colonels, 100-majors, 143-captain, 242-Senior Lieutenants, 147-Lieutenants)

Gail Weatherall says:

Wonderful news – Hail Ukraine.

Mike Ski says:

everything is peachy, but i wouldn't brag about who what and when, let this joke of a war end and than we can give out medals.

viv says:

this is a terrible counteroffensive. on the part of Ukraine, 10,000 soldiers were killed in 4 days, another 30,000 were wounded. Ukraine has about 800,000 fighters. Ukraine will fight to the last Ukrainian as the military from America ordered.

saisamon garner says:

i hope russia are not clearing the areas of ukraine of their own soldiers in preparation of nuclear blasts

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