The Best Smartphone In The World (2022)

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The Best Smartphone In The World (2022).

In the year 2022, Smartphones are competing with cinema cameras and Gaming PCs.

We’ll run through a list of the elite flagship devices and decide which one of them is 2022’s best smartphone.

Let’s dive in.


ChongGertt says:

I love one plus 10 pro… Not much expensive and affordable…

YeetBoy GTG says:

If We Were Actually Being Legit Than The Fortnite Creative Phone Would Win By A Long Shot

Sam Gold says:

Can you grow Grants Pass Oregon
Gay Community in 2023?

Trans Gender
Gender Nonconforming



The ROG phone 6 should be in third or second place here my order
Samsung Galaxy S 22 ultra
Asus ROG phone 6
IPhone 13 pro max
Xaomi Mi12pro
Google pixel 6 pro
Sony Xperia I pro

A Farangi says:

You ruined this video by mentioning elon musk ..I am out

Sam Gold says:

Can you provide?

In Development for 2023

Videos and Video Chatting
With one right Eye Contacts Box Communication

To see your Mood
To see your Emotional State
To see your Facial Expressions

In Technology of 2023 Devices

Classic Flip Phone
Flip Phones Technology
New Portable Phones
Pad Devices
Tablet Devices
Windows Computer
Apple MAC
Flat Screen TV
Light Weight TV
Video Chat Devices
More Devices of Technology

Dusty Roads says:

I wish someone would do an actual Phone review that was based on call clarity and connectivity.
Not a review based on refresh rates and cameras.

v1k1 says:

POV: watching this on an iphone 6

Zackary Austin says:

The s22 is been proven better than the 13 pro max. I’ve had both and I’m staying with the galaxy.

Tom Cat says:

Let's dive in. Stop all videos with this phrase

mouhamadou ibrahim says:

I go with the iPhone 13 Pro Max bcs it has proven all what I needed indeed that the s 22 ultra have a bright camera and more zoom but can’t surpasses the iPhone 13 Pro Max, bcs I actually used the two and see their difference “ the 13 pro max have challenges in expect and all in one”

Fred Artman says:

Iphone paying you?

Pietro Moopy says:

Corning is the real winner, everyone uses their glass.

Tom Vermeulen says:

my bother has a pixel 6. it's a piece of sh!t

Sam Right says:

The A 15 bionic is miles ahead of Snapdragon. Samsungs got hot as toaster. The Battery life on the IPhone blows away the Galaxy

Ass_Eater 666 says:

I had to turn the video off once you went off about the iPhone like if you dont know anything about technology then buy an iPhone the lack of advanced customization is almost laughable

Goldie Phillips says:

I think the S22 ultras screen is a tad bit more than 1080p

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