Iran’s president says he hasn’t seen difference between Trump and Biden admins | 60 Minutes

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“The new administration in the U.S., they claim that they are different from the Trump administration,” President Ebrahim Raisi told Lesley Stahl, “But we haven’t witnessed any changes in reality.”

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Mer Mer says:

Why is she covering her head? No women should practice religious beliefs she doesn't practice every day. Doing so is submission to man, not God.

Osprey Flyer says:

Welcome to the New World Order

MeoithTheSecond says:

Anything good done by Biden and the democrats will be undone by the next far right Republican president, the current Republican party wants a excuse to go to war with Iran.

Iran is better off talking to and looking to a more reasonable Europe, America is a unstable basket case right now, it can't be relied on.

dot. says:

Jfyi, Islamic Republik has been in contact with America from the beginning but behind the science, these kind of shows are for public.

LunarOrbitLevel says:

Wtf is this nonsense? Former President Trump, less than two years ago I’ll remind you, tried to start a war with Iran until the Joint Chiefs stepped in and stopped him. Seems like a false equivalency but then again no matter the administration the US-Iran relationship is fractious at the best of times and down right openly hostile at the worst of times.
PS Much love to the people of Iran. I’ve always admired Cyrus the Great as an archetype of a competent military commander and adept political leader.

dot. says:

This man a one of hundred Islamic theorist, should not be allowed to visit the USA.

Nandy Soto says:

Her interview with Marcel the shell was far more interesting and compelling.

Lost In the Hills says:

Adversarial powers are: Moscow, Tehran, and the DPRK. Beijing will join their ranks down the road if a conflict breaks.

WW3 is coming. Winter is coming.

Robert Carlyle says:

Yeah, neither Trump nor Biden will wipe Iran off the face of the map so Iran just sleeps tidy in the 18th century.

Zachary Sielck says:

I do not blame him. He speaks the truth

Daniel Gibson says:

only because No matter who they are if they are not jihadi then they are seen as Kefir

Mary f Ragain says:

TRUMP 2022-2024
Let's go Brandon

Angela Causevic says:

The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love your decisions. ♡

twistedyogert says:

Really? Biden is at least trying to revive the nuclear deal.

Jane A says:

Because he’s not paying attention

NewVideoTech3000 says:

Persian is the most gay language on earth

Tex AJP says:

Both wings of usa uniparty are controlled by MIC and Israel, end the occupation of Syria, stop stealing oil, and stop starving iran and Afghanistan with sanctions, usa is an evil empire

lui luc says:

Iran's president is smart he wont tell Joe F. king Biden III how easy was to take a candy from a 5yro child in this case a cognitive old man

stanislaw kukharuk says:

For him , putin is the best !

Angela Rac says:

Just frame him also!!! Dont worry about God!

John B says:

Wow, shes wearing a head covering….so much for women rights…bahahaha

Woozlewuzzleable says:

Do we care what he thinks?

Bryan Killeen says:

We sure did

Atheist Conservative says:

Oh BULLSH!t. Trump is strong, Jotato Talibiden is a WEF puppet. And look at her with her head scarf…pffff WEAK

The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

Is this guy braindead?

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