Trump's Nightmare?: Feds Seize Another MAGA Insider's Phone As Jan. 6 Probe Escalates

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New reporting from the New York Times indicating “substantial escalation” in the Jan. 6 probe as another Trump ally, “Pillow Guy” Mike Lindell, has his phone seized by the FBI. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the loyal Trump supporter and election denier becoming the seventh in Trump’s orbit to face this kind of seizure. The news coming on the heels of 40 new subpoenas issued in the past week. 

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Trump’s Nightmare?: Feds Seize Another MAGA Insider’s Phone As Jan. 6 Probe Escalates


Joshua Boudreau says:

He won't be rich soon if Domiion has it's way

Connecticut Collectibles says:

This cheap sob goes to Hardee's. Give him a my pillow and a Hardee's biscuit for his jail cell.

Jodie Zaffke says:

The truth is he put this in motion and because of his actions people lost their lives. He will not hesitate to put more lives in danger causing the death of more peoples children.

Tim says:

Mikeyboi did say he'd be suing all the machines so I'm guessing his cell was already involved.

GRJ2733 says:

FBI search Warrant/seizure of your phone is not a casual, incidental, accidental event. "Never a good sign" is right.

Luis Sanchez says:

Lock up the pillow guy.

Kathy Rama says:

Ashli was a DOMESTIC TERRIOST. She was told to STOP she didn't, she lost her life for a Con Man. She is no MARTYR, she was a terriost.

Kathy Rama says:

Ashli was a DOMESTIC TERRIOST. She was told to STOP she didn't, she lost her life for a Con Man. She is no MARTYR, she was a terriost.

nilsson58 says:

Manchurian candidate LOL

richard philpott says:

FBI showing that they are fully politized into the Democratic party..Come November , reform of FBI and DOJ ,root and branch

eric sanchez says:

Hey mr melber your awesome

Jay Gatsby says:

The late night comedians had an absolute field day with this story.

speakn0ev0 says:

lock them up!

Dale Vogel says:

If it wasn’t for Donald Trump Ashli Babbit would still be alive.

Hava Guday says:

I believe a creature needs a certain amount of self awareness to have a dream / nightmare. Dogs have it – you can see them 'running' in their sleep. Just occurred to me for some reason. So random.

Turd Ferguson says:

We are not far from becoming a Soviet-style police state, and liberals are cheering every step of the way.

John Whitt says:

mike has the dirt on the corrupt machines and they know it so they are trying to intimidate him. good always beats evil

gregoryallen caldwell says:

the "democrats" are no better than the russians. what scum. and these propaganda sites and media are disgusting dividing our country since 2015.

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