The Trick to Regaining Your Childlike Wonder | Zach King | TED

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When we ditch our assumptions, new ideas can enter the world, says filmmaker Zach King. In an entertaining talk full of props and surprises, King shows us the trick to regaining our sense of childlike wonder through the power of storytelling — and a bit of magic.

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Hao Wu says:

What a great talk, inspiring and novel

Corey Childs says:

That was great!!

Leah McGrew says:

And that is why I still talk to my stuffed animals, because they are my friends and I write stories, because that's where I want to be.

Reva Duraphe says:

It's just… Beyond words. I'm a teenager, so I'm stuck somewhere in between, but I have noticed my power to imagine is rapidly evaporating. This is just hilarious but it has an extremely powerful message.

Elin Borgström says:

This was amazing! Thank you!

Susan reanea says:

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Hudson Young says:


Grid21 says:

This is a BEAUTIFUL video and resonated with my heart so much! I really appreicate it!!

matthys uys says:

You’re a magician!

Joshua W says:

NO the rabbit hole has no end

Farbot Zarathuštrötöma Nia says:


Nana Bannor Antwi says:



This is unique and good, Thank you Zacking.

Jenna Lee says:

That was an awfully sturdy box…

Gamer Fun says:

Love it already!

KJ says:

Stripping back assumptions in certain situations can certainly provide creative insights. But the more important point is that in general we would be utterly unable to function without them. For example progress in science/maths/engineering /technology and medicine would be an impossibility.

Howdy says:

I did not watch da whole video but Zack king is something.

Andrea Quinn says:

90% ilustration 10% explanation. Following to how our brain cells ability to absorb the information and make a new memories.

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