How Green Hydrogen Could End The Fossil Fuel Era | Vaitea Cowan | TED

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As climate change accelerates, finding clean alternatives to fossil fuels is more urgent than ever. Social entrepreneur Vaitea Cowan believes green hydrogen is the answer. Watch as she shares her team’s work mass producing electrolyzers — devices that separate water into its molecular components: hydrogen and oxygen — and shows how they could help make green, carbon-free fuel affordable and accessible for everyone. “This is how we end the fossil fuel era,” Cowan says.

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Tanner Sutherlin says:

This is great, the problem is politics though. If we can't get our governments on board to change policies than it's all for nothing.

Aaron Vallejo says:

Great presentation showing us our future transition to renewables through green hydrogen! A huge success is that wind and solar PV powered electricity is now cheaper than fossil fuel powered electricity. Exciting. Let's do this fast and together!

BuddyCBuddy says:

meme strip plug plugged into itself

Doomed to obscurity says:

Why can’t we use nuclear

Br Ca says:

The problem with hydrogen is it is extremely reactivate when combined with oxygen. Just ask the passengers aboard the Hindenburg.

Shashidar S says:

The main issue with Hydrogen is
Its very hard to store for long and its pretty inefficient

katherandefy says:

I’ll buy them!

Christophe REHMET says:

I am sorry, but we need 1 nuclear power plant just to produce green steel for 1 blast furnace. How it's possible to do it? It's almost the same for all the applications you have presented.

Simon Gross says:

How did this get to be a TED talk? I expected better.

Stephen Land says:

So, where is all the electricity to create the hydrogen by electrolysis going to come from? Coal/natural gas burning plants/ Nuclear? Dam every river on the planet?

replica says:

(hydrogen is not practical)

Marvel Movies Official says:

But waiting for this happen!

Gaming RaiDer says:

Dude this idea is older than the idea of the metaverse, I read about this stuff 10 years ago…

Electrolysis and hydrogen are NOT the (singular) solution, very inefficient, very hard to store and transport etc.

Stogie Smoker says:

She sounds like Elizabeth Holmes…

Steven Barton says:

I couldn't watch.
She talks in a weird robot voice

James George says:

It’s time to listen to our 14 years olds.

I think this is perhaps the dumbest things I will hear this week.

Hydrogen is all good on paper. Just imagine how much “green” hydrogen needs to be produced to power one commercial aircraft. The amount of “green” infrastructure needed to generate such large quantities of hydrogen in a realistic period of time is pretty much impossible to scale with your current technology. We barely have hydrogen cars. And she is talking about moving the entire aviation industry to hydrogen.
These people are propaganda pushers for the the overlords who own us all.

phonzy says:

Climate change isn’t caused by fossil fuels.
When the climate changed 12000 years ago it wasn’t caused by the atmosphere gas content

Timothy Harper says:

We switched to natural gas because it was supposed to be cleaner but the oil industry leaks methane constantly and methane is worse than CO2. Hydrogen also produces a greenhouse effect when leaked. I’m sure it will still have limited applications but the oil industry is pushing it hard because they can make it from methane.

Mr. E. Chemist says:

And then there was reality…

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