Hear what Trump says will happen if he’s indicted

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Former President Donald Trump warned of “big problems” when he was asked on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show about what would happen if he’s indicted. #CNN #News


AshleyBidensDiary says:

There are so many horrible things going on right now and if Trump was president yall would be highlighting every single thing. But no, yall still talking about January 6th?
My God there's so much more that Biden has ruined and yall turn your filthy lil behind on it. The border, inflation…..never mind. GOD DAYUM YALL HAVE SOME LACK OF BRAIN CELLS. LOOK AROUND FOR GOD SAKE. PPL ARE KILLNG EACH OTHER IN RECORD NUMBERS AND IT IT DOESNT GET A MENTION. IM DONE

NNA says:

To my mind….

Donald Trump has been a consummate ‘shyster’ all his life, both in his business dealings and in politics.

One must be a fellow ‘shyster’ that he respects as his equal in order to make deals where both individuals come out ahead, not necessarily with our nations’s best interest in mind.

Not the type of respected leader America deserves who, once elected, should set out to serve the interests of all Americans no matter what their party affiliations are.


Still wonder what went on ‘behind closed doors’ when Mr. Trump met with Putin awhile back.

I sorta feel that Mr. Putin may have had some words regarding the future of Ukraine and how Trump might be able to do whatever might be necessary to ‘grease the wheels’, so to speak, when Putin decides to invade.

I’ve a feeling that Putin was very…. very much disappointed that Mr.Trump was not re-elected.

And perhaps why Mr. Trump tried absolutely everything he could to remain in office so that he could hold up his end of the deal.

I can imagine that, had Mr. Trump remained President, the outcome of what has now become Putin’s ‘War in Ukraine’ would have been vastly different, with NATO becoming totally impotent, if it survived at all, and Putin left free to subjugate Ukraine and others of Russia’s sovereign neighboring countries on his way to ‘Making Russia Great Again’.

I’m sure Putin would have rewarded Trump very well for his help in the matter…. had Donald somehow remained in office.


President Biden threw a colossal wrench into Putin’s plans, resulting in a larger and stronger NATO, much of the world in support of Ukraine, and a losing proposition for Putin’s Russia if he continues to fight a ‘limited’ war against Ukraine’s staunch defenders.

Ramblin’ on I’m afraid.

Ya know..

Shysters always try to give themselves ‘an out’ to use when or if things go awry.


Of what value might a pile of super secret classified documents be to Trump in such a case?


How’s that for a conspiracy theory…..!

Better yet…..

Did Trump unwittingly become the penultimate Russian ‘mole’ in our nation’s government, with Putin playing Donald like a violin in conjunction with Russia’s prowess in the subtle manipulation of American social media both to to help Trump win in 2016 and to grow his base during his Presidency?

Waaay too deep here….

…. Sorry.

the night hawk says:

CNN needs trump

julman uy says:

Lets see if what he says will happen. Best way to eradicate a pest colony is to get the queen so the drones can come out and get killed.

Krishna Kumar says:

KEEP DREAMING DONNYBOY. It's you versus the Nation, forget political parties.

Bill Lynch says:

Donald d bag is one big time slime ball. He needs to be taken out and he needs to be indicted

Walter Osborne says:

Merrick Garland stop letting Trump talk about what will happen when he gets indicted. And let him find out in day his ass

3rdminist3r says:

Good. Now let’s indict him.

Christopher Reynolds says:

The only ones who complained when Al Capone went to ALCATRAZ were the lying, cheating crooks like himself.
Likewise the only ones who will complain when Trump is locked up are his crooked cronies.

Luv N Peace says:

He'll go to prison…. Simple as that. Should have happened long before now !!!

Andy Austin says:

Why should we be worried about his threats if he's arrested? Shouldn't we be more worried about the harm to the nation if he isn't charged when evidence of guilt is found?

R.I.P. Meatloaf says:

I honestly never knew we had so many uneducated people in the USA until I saw how many follow and vote for these pathetic Republicans, Tr%^$ included… it has been eye opening.

Nathan Driscoll says:

It may be time to get it on and see how many magats are left.

Wesley Hitchcock says:

We all need to clear on one point. When donald trump talked about the American people he is and has never been talking about moral, ehtical, honest, hard working, caring, empathetic, compassion, common sense, believers in fair and honest, politcal, judicial, and Constitutional Americans. He is only refering to those he has conned, bamboozled, and grifted from like shills in a 3 card monte' scam. Those that are part of his cult, willing to destroy their own lives based on a lie in the same manner that the fascists and nazis did in the last century. And even they will be of no use to him if he was to run and win again in 2024. He is pushing everyone to the line and will encourage his cult to cross it. The DOJ is fully aware what is at stake and under no illusion what IS going to happen because it will be nessecary to charge trump with the crimes HE HAS COMMITTED!! And when the inevitable breaks out in mass the reprocussions will be fierce, brutally efficient and very short. And because of that, trump will spend the rest of his life in total isolation and will leave his prison in a box with no flag, no flowers, no fanfare, no nothing!!

Tony Fraser says:

Imagine if Gotti, El Chapo, Sonny Barger etc made that statement.
Funny how OLD BONESPURS thinks they will fight for him, 5 deferment means 5 uncles,brothers etc went and possibly died for that COWARD, and after that multiple bankruptcies, rape , massive tax fraud etc and Americans hold him up as a God fearing alfa male. HA HA HA.

Dimitri Vincheov says:

"Ultimate of hoaxes"

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