Early Virginia Genealogy

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How to find your early Virginia ancestors with pro genealogists Jeri Satterwhite-Dearing. We discuss the biggest challenges you’ll face when researching early Virginian ancestors, the records you should be looking for, and some of the best resources.

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01:12 Virginia Genealogy Research Challenges
03:45 Learn About the County in Virginia
07:53 Virginia Burned Counties
10:42 State Level Records for Virginia
11:44 Important Types of Records for Early Virginia Genealogy
16:42 Understand Virginia Law
18:02 Understand Virginia Geography
20:15 Professional Genealogist Specializing in Virginia

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James H. Maloy jr. says:

I like this video and it is helpful although I do have a complaint . Many of your viewers are older including me and have hearing problems. You have a huge microphone yet I have my sound wide open and still have to strain to hear you. can you please on any future videos turn up the sound if its too loud I can turn you down. However I can not turn you any higher so please turn yours up. Thank you

Jean Johnson says:

Thank you for the information. As an American who can trace 99% of her ancestry back to the 1600s (from 1630, that I know), it is great to have this info. Ancestry only has family info (as far as communities) from 1700. Most of the info abut formation of counties, etc., I have learned when I first started. What I find confusing is when an ancestor has records for the the county in VA and also for a county in North Carolina. I also like the online resources for Virginia and the Library of Virginia. Thanks again.

JoAnna The Singer says:

You need to go back a hundred years before that…back to the 1630's!!!

Two Wheels and a Blade says:

Originally, Virginia included what is now West Virginia and Virgineola (now the British territory Bermuda). During the early years, Bermuda was the most successful settlement and as the population there grew, many Bermudians settled in Virginia, the Carolinas and other new continental colonies (Alabama for example) as well as colonies in the Caribbean. This means the earliest New World records for many families in the region are to be found in the Bermuda archives.

Patricia Katzenmeyer Webb says:

Thank you. Most of my ancestors came into Virginia and Maryland.

Meade Music says:

I can trace my lineage in Virginia back to Pocahontas

Jennie Dudley says:

Way hard with native American heritage from Jamestown. Is it true, one governer had all records destroyed?

Terry Holloway says:

My wife is a genealogist, I'm a Virginian with roots from the early 1600's. I have one correction: Virginia is pronounced "Vajenya" (wink).

ellis says:

Has anyone ever heard of the Mayo Settlement in VA? If so where was it?

Joe Goncalves and Vanessa Warner says:

I found a land petition in Ontario, Canada dated 1805 and it states that Michel Hofman was born in the State of Virginny in 1763. Is there a way to find out what counties had Hofman/Huffman families? By 1772 they were in Schoharie, NY and then to Upper Canada in 1786. Looking to pick up Michael's parents Nicholas and Abigail (Appolonia).

James Halley says:

One of my earliest VA ancestors was Cicely unknown Reynolds, Bailey, Jordan, amongst other last names. There's a lot of speculation on her origins, but nothing that is proven. I am descended from her oldest daughter Temperance Bailey and the Brown surname. She supposedly came at the age of ten in 1611 aboard the Swan, but no record of her guardians.

Jungle Jargon says:

Ever hear of Pittsylvania?

Jungle Jargon says:

Yes! My ancestors are from Virginia!

Linda Easley says:

My earliest colonial ancestor arrived in the 1670s in Virginia via the headright system and William Byrd . He was an indentured servent or laborer

Debbie Hall says:

Unfortunately my 8xgreat-grandfather's county was a burn county. He sailed from England to Nansemond County, VA in November 1683

Joseph Rogers says:

How about VA records back to the mid 1600's. My own family trace back to 1650 in VA, 1624, New Amsterdam, Conn. 1636, Long Island 1640-s.

Lewis says:

What I have found that a number of the children of my Brackett and Crocker 1630s Mass Bay ancestors went South to Virginia / Carolinas during King Philips war 1675-1699…
Also note that "the New England historical and genealogical register" vast 40+ volume records can be found in several libraries across the country… San Diego library main branch has a copy which has been very helpful to me 🙂 There is also a huge many volume register of German immigrants here as well…

Steve King says:

I had some relatives – including my 7th great grandfather Christopher Robinson (1681-1727) from Virginia

Kristina Turner says:

My father's side of the family started settling Virginia before the U.S. Revolutionary War and knew and may have been related to George Washington. Shadrack Turner's log cabin is a National Landmark in Virginia.

barnowl says:

I have a number of 5-8 th cousins, through Ancestry, who have the Savage name in common in very early Virginia and Connecticut. Apparently the Savage name is the longest continuing family in America. My great-grandmother was a Savage in England.

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