Web Design From Start to Finish (Part 1): Wireframes & Content

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Out Black Friday Page (and promo) is up until Monday:

We’re going to show you EXACTLY how we ideate, design, and develop our Black Friday landing page that we’ll be using for this year’s Black Friday sales campaign.

This first video is about ideation, wireframing, and content (copy). We hope it’s useful!
If you’re looking for the Wireframing kit I use: https://platforma.ws/

00:00 Intro
00:50 The plan
2:58 Sketching on the notebook
3:50 Digitizing the sketch
6:10 Adding copy
11:30 Consulting with an expert
14:14 Revising the copy and structure

How to finally “get” Webflow:

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Thanks for watching the video!


Leo Chenet says:

Thank you for this ! But why do you do the content after the wireframes? Logic would dictate that we define the content and then we choose the wireframes adapted to the content? thank you in advance !

DIY Website Set Up says:

Great video as usual!
I learned so much things about design from you.

Walking dolphin says:

I don’t think webflow can be called development from IT point of view. I believe your websites available only on webflow service. How do you present it to customers if they ask for features not provided by webflow? And if you did an actual development (coding) would you charge more?

Mehar Jawad Hashmi says:

I learn and grow from each video that you provide. I appreciate that you put a lot of effort to provide (free) content to learn and grow with FLUX. Thanks Ran.

The TopShottah says:

I like your shirt my dude

Jay Buchta says:

Thank you for posting this! You guys are great!

André Dias says:

What about price? Could you share how that would be calculated if that was a contract's project, because that's always been my doubt

Fr nte says:

But now everybody get access from our mobile devices. You should make the mobile web design. Please. Broooo

wetiot says:

Are you back to FIGMA?

Houser Creative says:

What is he using when putting the pieces together?

Michel Soriano says:

As always great content

Tom Ilmari says:

Great video, Ran! Thanks for highlighting the importance of copywriting during early stages. I feel it’s so underrated among solo designers as we often start doing wireframes without copy in mind and then just “fill in the blanks” with content we request from clients. It should be copy first!

crarls27 says:

Copy/content is always the hardest part! It's a different process when you aren't designing something for your own company. How do you get copy written for an actual client project?

deadlox says:

Waiting for part 2

Muhammad Ihsan says:

Hope this series never end!!
Love it!

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