Top 3 Insane UFO Encounters Caught on Camera Proving Aliens Exist

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Top 3 Insane UFO Encounters Caught on Camera Proving Aliens Exist
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Ancient Aliens Base Under Ocean:

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Chris Bubany says:

Hey great coverage. It seems to be a cover up by the world's top governments if I have to guess. We don't really know just how powerful or capable these entities are as well.. it could be their say if they don't want to be seen yet. We are living in a crazy time right now in himan history. Nuclear energy, war, AI and robotics imo have alot to do with why they might be showing up now. The mental gymnastics and painfully slow process of disclosing information on the subject by our gov is tough BUT I do have hope that eventually the truth will present itself to the public. I guess we will see! Keep up the great vids

MusicLover says:

Read "The Lost Book Of Enki ". these are not ", stories" it is real and earth has entered a new age !

Jennifer Thurston says:

The human race has been keeping record of UFO's for centuries upon centuries. We have uncovered the most unbelievable events since the beginning of life and then something catastrophe happens and people and animals die off and a new race begins. My question is how much longer do we have considering catastrophic events are taking place nearly every day and China now has a laser more powerful than anything else, Russia is at war, the USA is falling apart on and on it goes. I have a strong tendency to think our race is about to end all because of what mankind has created then destroyed. Over and over again this is what the circle of life is. We live on top of many of thousands of years right under our own feet, empires have crumbled and returned to the dust they came from….

Yeoh Ruiz says:

As you know! They're here in our Big Oceanic ocean…You always.explore to other planets! In the milky way! And that is true..

bartenderzzz says:

1:36. Best part of this video.

sen says:

In fact most of ufos aren’t alien crafts , they are space energy lifes , no technology at all, they just have natural ability. Until alien and ufos contacted you and showed you something then you know the truth, otherwise people just speculate.

Formerfreak says:

Yes they exist, saw my first over 40 years ago, and have seen a few more over my lifetime, we dont know if they are from another planet, or this planet or even another dimension, chances of them coming down in large numbers at this point is slim considering the youth are even more confused now about things than ever before.
We for some reason have begun to think in a delusional manner and are accepting this as reality, Maybe when this new crap of telling boys they can be girls and girls they can be boys is over we can get back to normalcy , but if I were one of these species in these ships and was monitoring the earth for a good time to make my existence known, I would have to push the clock forward about 10 years at least, these creatures use logic, science, fact and reason, something which we here in the U.S. are fighting to keep, add the fact that we embrace film stars and sports people as being someone to look up to, make it 20 -200 years, our schools are a laughing stock, children know how to be a good little protester but dont know how to read a damn clock, they are being fed lies and we as a society are accepting that the children are being taught nonsense as opposed to learning the basics to prepare them with life skills reading, writing and math, we as a species are failing, at least in the U.S. for sure.

Beppo Nabuco says:

My next door neighbor Martin, says that's not the way he nor others travel through space/time, it's all a hoax and rubbish.
They go through something like portals, but it's too complex for us Earth inhabitants.

Son of Man says:

This is fake news disinformation. Lies. Fantasy. Nothing more.

Hehe Hehe says:

Humans:aliens exist i saw them flying a UFO unidentified flying object

Aliens:aliens exist i saw them driving a URO aka unidentified rolling object

Chris XIII says:

Debunking Perfect Crime

Aliens are strategizing and using sound effects to cause nuclear warfare to cover up what they have done.

Malicious Alien/"Rasputin" The Ugliest Aliens that has ever existed/Humanoids/The planet/Auditory harrassment/True Enemies and Threats Against life on the planets, everywhere
The Ugliest and most disturbing looking aliens believes that they are attractive. Yet they do not have their own planet or universe after killing them with their ugly existences

Aliens are interviewing residents of planets and earth with their alien voices against the person's choice, notice, will and general functions to critically fail the human genome to their own eyes.

Quit cocaine, crack, synthetic drug uses! It will contribute to the end of the alien invasion and kidnappings.

One of the most mentally retarded and no IQ alien thinks its attractive and sound human

Planet Earth is now officially hiding and making use of electronic harrassment to attack other planets and universes, learning by killing/kidnapping its own families.

Somebody has placed a machine over our planet to target tracheas and silence our true voices with deep fake voices for deep fake video recordings. An alien on ground or a UAV may be operating the machine.

Various aliens wearing human bodies for various malicious missions and reasons.

Aliens making attempts to sneak kidnap residents from their planets. They're training themselves to attack higher level civilizations.

They are desperate in hiding inside and behind identities

Malicious aliens tries to imagine a human and an alien whore together in space and use it as a reason to breach the air space, make an extremely disturbing sound, before using the entire strategy to abduct human beings.

Aliens are pretending to be in relationships with humans.

Aliens are recording deep fake videos for defamation, abductions and lies to give themselves consent to abduct a person

In case of slavery, aliens are to get no value profit or payment with my/your body/bodies.

Aliens are disguising themselves in human bodies.

Plethora of lies are used for advantage sake of extinction events. Including, "This is our last guy" with a projected image from a UAV.

Various strategies revolving the use of technologies against the brain and recording devices used to create deep fake videos of people for advanced threats insurances and advantages.

Tactics also include a user saying words through the persons head, trachea, or stomach.

Human size and larger cockroach looking aliens repeatedly encroaching planet in timed strategy and words, in attempts to enable crimes and gauge how to abduct people or herd life into traps that would lead to silent and seemingly consensual kidnappings and various nonconsensual approachments.

Exploitative tactics used by malicious aliens includes and is not limited to, turning the human language and people against our choices and wishes, to devalue person(s) until they are susceptible to scams and criminal activities, covert, exposure that fits aliens needs, even if they made it up, they are in network with a malicious group that is against the earth

Aliens has been repeating the same threats that leads to kidnappings, only. It would appear that every human language they know is to unstable and upset life on planets. They also pretend that they are the true heros for picking people in their worlds, to run seemingly endless strategies behind his or her know, that causes definite extinction events to the entire planet.

Aliens react in extremely disturbing way when person is profiting. Distractions, human language and emotions from alien threat are only used against the human race.
Don't try to speak to alien threats!

Planet earth and aliens on ground on the planet has build alien kidnapping ring in space.

Malicious aliens are planning to rape our people and other residents on their planets

Deep Fakes Video Frameworking used against the people to abduct/kidnap a person

Aliens has been pretending to be the voice of god/planet.

They want to scatter our bodies as insurances for themselves to breach planets and pigmy the planets, remote controlling our bodies as they devolve and destroy the entire planet and universes of life.

They are not needed over the people and the planet earth pretending to be humans.

Possibly one of the heads within malicious alien threats may be behind the pretend human high school to have sex or truly feel and experience how humans love, and assimilate from our bodies. Organs included.

Aliens pretend to speak human language over the peoples head when no one is not around the person

Male aliens abuses/talks against person(s) on their job, everytime productivity or upsell occurs
Aliens are always making up problems over our planet to make alien abductions, human trafficking and kidnappings legal

Ugly green w/ mushroom head, intentionally retarded for biowarfare, unfurls its head like a mushroom, and "honks" or makes some alien sounds against the human body, type alien species preying on the human race, sent from an insect looking creature that refuses to leave.

Aliens does NOT speak our language. They only follow what's on paper, gathered from countless murders even from other planets and universes.

An unknown and otherwise disturbing, disgusting sound coming from a UFO. Fears and traumas are growing in their meanings as the aliens inside UFOS could possibly be in heat. Which should signal that some specific UFOs needs to be shot down.

The sound of a horn from the most disturbing, ugly, and invasive threat in physical matter. It has a head of a mushroom cap, looks like a fungi
They also make stories and roleplay over your day to day life to plan out how to abduct whoever person's are

There is a laser from unknown aircraft or spacecraft, aimed at humans vocal cords. Unidentified person's are speaking on the back of persons throat where wind is exhaled to project their own unknown voices in adversity to the person's own voice. What also sounds like a touchscreen, buttons can be heard when mouth opens to speak as if someone is actively timing the person's voice.

Aliens supposed purpose for this type of interference and invasion, would be to validate alien abductions and to trick life forms on their planets into extincting themselves and their entire families.

They keep breeching and picking people from our planet. 

Cartoons and TV broadcasts are learned and used against human beings by aliens in UFOs and slaves

Alien's are staging alien abductions as "playful"

Threats are used to speed their way.

Told alien's to go away. True ugly as I feared existed, sent more true ugly alien whores to make derogatory and otherwise, disturbing sounds that were caused by rogue terrorist human group that hides behind voices and electronics somewhere here on earth.

Planet earth has an alien imposter that pretends to be the voice of the earth. Similar hoax to "voice of god".

Aliens and slaves from earth are talking through people's bodies and throats using intercoms, megaphones, and whatever electronics/technologies that allows creatures to roleplay and hide their hideous bodies, in our own.

Birds in the head. It's all a very cruel and bloody joke that was not funny even from the AD period. Whatever is pretending to be the wind and "voice of earth", are coming from electronics and wifi. Trust in meds, not in extinction.
Aliens are using an unknown, electronic intercom that transmits audible talking and sounds to restrict airflow and replace words and sounds with their own alien voices. They have also made it an occupation in their alien UFO, to talk through people's windpipe on their bodies to trick/scare the person into getting themselves abducted or kidnapped

John Robert Lamonaca says:

I know as witness they exist in the sky. I believe nothing was a holographic projection, or any viable reference that would possibly have you convinced it was all a trick? Yet though instead just a "Metallic" craft and any duping of your eye, was when it looked physically apparent and then a semi-transparency, then physical again and so on/was truth!. Three people and one dog at the time saying the same of that seen.

Pony Trekker says:

Why didn’t the Russian divers film anything?? there were survivors and none of them brought a video camera. I guess the Russian government didn’t provide one.

Jerry Sponagle says:

Lake Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake on earth. Ponder that fact for a second.

DennisTheMenace says:

What’s crazy is the sheer size of the known universe. It’s really hard to grasp and comprehend.

You wonder:

-is there technology that is so advanced it can travel way faster than light speed as we know it?

-is there other life places? Are they bound to where they live like us? Can they travel certain distances farther than us, but not the whole galaxy or universe?

-and just plain old, why? Why is all these gigantic planets, moons and asteroids, and stars just floating amongst a black abyss?

I guess we’ll likely never know. But the aerial phenomenon and credible close encounters really REALLY make you wonder. And odds are the government knows more than what they have shared, but probably don’t know all as we think they do.

I think the government is too leaky, someone at some point would of been able to leak the information credibly.

I think the people who know all are those of top military positions who hold their jobs for 20+ years and work in collaboration with top executives who hold their positions for 20+ years in aerospace engineering companies. And it’s a secret society type deal. The military probably provides them with the capital to house their knowledge and possible possession of anything they have and the companies provide the research and development and recruiting of scientists.

Who knows …

Michael Arnold says:

Yes,there are UFO's & Alien's ,But the Elite also have secret Magnetic Science & as far back as TESLA ,have been engineering anti gravity,lightSpeed ,Air travel vehicles ,,now space travel ,,I'm not sure !!! But inner atmosphere ,,YES ,,!!!!! Humans are 800 years ahead in TECH,it's all secret ,it was learned by TESLA that you cannot share this stuff with Anybody .—- opinion& Fact .

David Turner says:

I never heard of the Lake Vikil incident. That was very interesting and scary. How were the three divers killed. I remember watching a You Tube video a couple of years ago, where some Russian Cosmonauts saw some huge angelic like beings, that actually knocked on the windows of the Russian research habitat! Of course, it scared the Hell out of them. This story did not get out until decades later.

Jason Rolling says:

I'm 38 years old and I hope I get to witness Extraterrestrials.

Ironfist Dave says:

I like this computerized voice Good choice and for what it’s worth Nobody would believe my encounter back in 1975 and not to far straight as the crow flies from Mr.Waltons encounter Same year too

fred flintstoner says:

Mrs Richards: "I paid for a room with a view !"

Basil: (pointing to the lovely view) "That is Torquay, Madam ."

Mrs Richards: "It's not good enough!"

Basil: "May I ask what you were expecting to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House, perhaps? the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically past?…"

Mrs Richards: "Don't be silly! I expect to be able to see the sea!"

Basil: "You can see the sea, it's over there between the land and the sky."

Mrs Richards: "I'm not satisfied. But I shall stay. But I expect a reduction."

Basil: "Why?! Because Krakatoa's not erupting at the moment?"

G MCG says:

The Pentagon already say they have found off world craft as well their's a secret space program started in the late 30s

Glorify God says:

✝️ Repent and believe in the gospel ✝️

And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who eagerly wait for Him He will appear a second time, apart from sin, for salvation.
Hebrews 9:27‭-‬28 NKJV

The gospel of Jesus Christ
For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures,
I Corinthians 15:3‭-‬4 ✝️

Dom Shelley says:

Hi, I have 2 hrs photographed sky event that proves contact between earth and UFO. Nobody seems interested. Hoping you may be interested if so reply with an email or other contact where I can send the photos. You and your followers will not be disappointed. My profile picture has 1 photo of the event. October 19 2021.

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