Why You're Not Gonna Make It (as a software engineer or entrepreneur)

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This is why you’re not going to succeed as a software engineer or as an entrepreneur. Many software developers fail, and many entrepreneurs fail. This is why you’re going to be one of them.

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Gio says:

I got into Google because of you.
– Non Ivy league School
– Non CS degree
– GPA 2.7
– 0 Internships

– Saw your video in 2020
– Joined a coding bootcamp
– Landed a role in 2 weeks after graduating bootcamp
– 1+ year later, received an offer from Google as an international hire into US
I sent you a message on Linkedin about this to thank you (Titled: Clement you changed my life (Long read)). Hopefully you get to read it. Thanks Clement.

Muhammad Developer says:

Man, I thought, developers only know to code, you changed my mind, SUPER Motivational video better than those motivational videos.

Arpit Kumar says:

I'm in grade 11, and I want to get into FAANG company, but it never came to mind that I'll not make it. All of your videos inspires me to work towards my dream everyday. Whenever I feel demotivated I watch your videos or think about how you managed to start your own company and that's all I need to kick things off again. Thank you for being my inspiration ❤️

Gaurav chauhan says:

He was sounding like homelander in the beginnng even tho you know he's being sarcastic

Siam Rahman says:

I struggled throughout highschool and University, had a 50% GPA on the dot my first and second year as a CS and Math major, and I had several breakdowns. Literally did not think I could get anywhere in life, wasn't able to code properly or have any redeemable skills. Worked on myself for a few months, told myself if others can do it and make it in life, why the hell can't I lol? Ended up landing a Full Stack SWE job at one of the largest IT consulting companies in the world, finished my last 3 years of Uni with Dean's.

It is extremely true; "he who says he can, and he who says he can't, are both usually right." We all want to make it in life, but some of us prefer sleep over success.

Yi Peng says:

Hi Clement, I totally agree with you. I think anyone who ever set a goal and really worked for it knows what you are talking about. I believe the biggest obstacle is not the difficulty of the goal itself but your fear and doubts. Most people are trapped in their comfort zone and never reach their potentials. This is a hard and painful lesson/fact to learn, because to shift your mindset, you have to face the years and potentials you have wasted. But late is better than never.

Jay Lee JW says:

Your hair is awesome

Alec Burns says:

But I really want to be a software engineer. If I can't do that I matter as well end my life.

LifeWCJ says:

please change the hair. love you Clement

Angel Abrego Ramírez says:

Mindset matters a lot. Your video reminded me about this other video: https://youtu.be/2iPFtZENEq4

doublegdog says:

Landed a job at amazon. Have a masters in cs from a noname school with 3 years industry experience. Never thought id end up here but here i am!!!!

Alpha182 says:

Clement do you know any algo prep platforms that I could use to get into Google ?

Patrick Patlion says:

Great video Clement!

Shashank A.C says:

Actually, I didn't really believe I could be a software engineer but I became one anyway.

1. Without a CS degree
2. Without Ivy League

I just kept banging my head against the code till I got it, got lucky with my first company and some seniors who gave good advice and tips. I haven't made it to MAANG but I did go much further than I ever thought I would.

Derek Johnson says:

lol, love how this guy thinks he's "made it in life" himself.

Quốc Bảo Trần says:

Sometimes, things you mentioned in this video appear in my mind.
But I'm just jealous a little bit because I don't have a strong-base like a successful man, after that, I realize I must try my best day-by-day to archive my goal instead of blaming someone.
This video gives me a lot of motivation. Thanks Clement.

kushal Bhetuwal says:

This is the most practical motivational video

Zi Sen Lai says:

Thank you man i really needed to hear this, been insecure and self doubting recently on my tech learning and other aspect.
Thank you <3

Ahmad Zafar says:

Thank you for the reminder

Ram Balram says:

Having said, what I said in my earlier comment next thing I want to tell is what you are saying in the whole video is absolutely correct. Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended – A.P.J Abdul Kalam – Missile Man of India. In the words of Steve Jobs – "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Phantom Apprentice says:

A video I wish I've had when I was Clement's age , too many years wasted because I've believed in that math scam. Education institutes are committing a crime against humanity by gatekeeping a career in code behind the math wall, especially since code and gamedev motivated me to learn more about math than the other way around.

AVDAIN says:

People must remember that there is no burden, but that they have imposed it on themselves. The mind is a powerful system. It depends on how we use it.

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