iOS 16: Top 10 Tips for Apple’s New iPhone Software Update | WSJ

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Apple’s just-released iOS 16 gives your iPhone’s lock screen a makeover, and brings new features such as editing and recalling sent messages. WSJ’s Joanna Stern helps you find all the cool new features.

Photo illustration: Jacob Renyolds/The Wall Street Journal

0:38 Here are Joanna’s top 10 iOS 16 tips
0:47 How to redesign your lock screen
01:42 How to display battery percentage
02:09 How to mark messages as unread
02:32 How to unsend and edit messages
03:07 How to change the notifications display
03:44 How to remove photo backgrounds
04:03 How to add medication reminders
04:51 How to merge duplicate contacts
05:17 How to turn your iPhone into a Mac webcam
06:50 How to schedule and unsend email in Apple Mail
07:24 Bonus tips

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Terrow Snap says:

Removing backgrounds must be device dependent. It doesn’t work on my IPhone X

Alex says:

It is downright presumptious that the new iOS will not be available on the first iPhone ever that had portrait mode photos, where the biggest aesthetic feature of the new iOS is exactly portrait mode photos covering the time. And no battery percentage on 'aluminium-edged' iPhones even if they are brand new? Starting to believe when people say iPhones have their 'planned obsolescence'…

Mike Puckett says:

The unnecessary sarcasm and not so funny comedy made this video hard to watch. Report the news, don't try to put yours-in on it.

Garbo says:

I don’t have battery percentage 🙁

christabel ho says:

cant wait for the webcam feature can be used for iPad soon

GV says:

Battery percentage toggle not available in ios 16 for iPhone 11, I guess.

Jazzy Boi says:

If you have an apple watch you can set multiple timers. Odd the phone can't do that.

Sanudi Karunaratne says:

Can someone tell me how to put the two factor authentication on health?? Please

Sanudi Karunaratne says:

Can someone tell me how to put the two factor authentication on health?? Please

vetexy is to vety says:

but your phone can break2

tiamzy says:

00:13 — ok, thanks for triggering the Homepod Siri beside me

Garry Saint-vil says:

I simply deleted some of my apps and it worked

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