Breast Cancer Treatment

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Teresa Polzien is battling breast cancer and undergoes a new, state-of-the art treatment. See what Dr. Michael Payne recommends to make Theresa’s treatment shorter and safer than conventional chemotherapy.

Healthcare Heroes episode # 1007.3.


oliver Akah says:

I have been really scared to get in to a suitable relationship with anyone again, untill i Get cured. I never knew Herpes was very deadly, It Hurts the most emotionally. Thanks to Dr igho channel for helping me with the sacred herbs.

Okafor Blessing Ngozi says:

Dr igho medication and Experience helped speed up my healing process, i wonder what might have become of me if i hadn't come across your Channel on Youtube. God bless you Dr igho for helping me cure my cancer naturally, God bless you

Kerna Koni says:

If the world had more people like you, it would be a better place . You make a difference, Dr igho on youtube thank you for curing my breast cancer and introducing your herbal products to the world

Zoe Isabella says:

I'm very lucky to have come in contact with DR RORPOPOR HERBAL on YouTube in curing my breast cancer, I almost gave up in life but after using his herbal medication I feel just like every normal human and I'm so grateful

antonio james says:

Being diagnosed with Cancer has been a major loss of money and has caused major problems in my immune system,but when I came across Dr. Osaka on YouTube Channel and he recommended his herbal medicine I got completely cured of Cancer.

Egbudusi Jovita says:

I'm so excited i cured my breast cancer with Dr Aluda herbal supplement.You can also visit his channel on YouTube #draluda he also cures HSV 1&2 and HPV.

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