Woman nearly dies after botched weight loss surgery in Tijuana

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Viewer Discretion Advised: The video featured in this story contains graphic content, which may not be suitable for all audiences.

To view photos and more visit here: https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/local/woman-nearly-dies-after-botched-surgery-in-tijuana/509-d7bddafa-261c-47ef-a2ec-61491a8994bd


Flovoices4u says:

Tijuana is not for that.

Klaus Rostock says:

One dies in Tijuana , whilst HUNDREDS die here at home

Standing for truth says:

Or maybe people should discipline themselves and eat less, then you save money plus don't risk your life. But gluttons like quik solutions

Sunia Spencer says:

Why does no one say WHICH surgeon & clinic did this?

Dulce says:

Unfortunately it’s the risk people take instead of doing it the natural way

KanKan says:

Do ppl not think American surgeons do these things? Sadly the media doesn’t talk ab that tho. I’m on my 8th reconstructive surgery and have met tons more patients butchered by my AMERICAN dr! Media loves to talk ab “mexico” but never talk ab all the horrible surgeons here..

California Doll says:

This happens everywhere even in the usa, not only in Mexico!

curtis lawson says:

Visits to Mexico are only for eating corn on a stick fish tacos donkey rides and maybe a late-night donkey show not bariatric surgery come on people are you that stupid

Jessica Pierce says:

I had gastric sleeve in Mexico and had no complications at all. My Mom had surgery in Texas and the doctor botched her surgery. She’s now having to get a bypass to correct it because she’s in the beginning stages of her esophagus eroding because of it. Just do your research. There are great WL surgeons in Mexico.

Rosemary Chakis says:

My sister in law is there right now getting prep for her surgery she is the 1st one going on for gastric sleeve

Julie Ann Al buzbeba says:

Accidents happen. SERIOUSLY??

Renee Sotelo says:

There are surgeon's in Mexico that are registered with the u.s board of surgeon's though u just have to check on board certifications NOT JUST THE PRICE.

peace faith says:

wow…eat less and exercise more WEIGHT WATCHERS is much cheaper…. these places are a cest pool of infection, is it worth your life ??? she said she wouldnt do it again..in Tiajuana….how about NEVER!!!

On My Own Terms says:

1. Weight loss surgery isn't a "fad" like the news person called it. It's is medically necessary for many obese patients.

2. The exact same thing has happened to patients in the US.

Bobbie Smith says:

What is the name of the surgeon that operated on you in Mexico?

Destined4Greatness says:

Thanks for sharing this story.

Getting Epic VSG says:

Holy wow that is really scary!

Brett Mason Media says:

Not saying this wasn’t malpractice, but this type of thing happens in the US as well. A friend of mine died from a US gastric bypass surgery issue. She battled it for a little over a years after the surgery. But ultimately it killed her.

As for the lifelong vitamin and nutrition deficiency for the rest of her life, that would be the case even if the surgery was a successful one.

Angylui Franklin says:

I am so sorry to hear about your surgery. I also had a very bad experience too. Once I got past the liquid diet I couldn't hold down anything. I was visiting family in Mexico and had to get an endoscopy. They said my intestines was closed off and that the sleeve surgeon did this to me. So my husband calls him. At this time I'm almost 3 months post op lost almost 70 pounds. Should have lost up to 30 pounds, but I was starving. So I go the next day wanting it fixed the least amount of surgery as possible. But he said I needed a bypass, that would fix all my problems. After the surgery I wasn't allowed to walk the doctor ordered me to walk but the nurse said she will explain to the doctor I still have anesthesia in my iv so I can't walk. Immediately when the nurse woke me, I couldn't see clear and felt numb in my legs and like a rubber band tight around my chest. I was still vomiting. They said I wouldn't be after the bypass. The next day the was checking my heart because they nipped it 3.2cm. After the plane ride to the bottom of Tijuana, Mexico where my kids was visiting family, My legs felt swollen hard tingling painful but I could walk normal. by time I rode in a car 4 days home, I had to use a walker. a week later I fell and my legs no longer worker. my knees didn't want to work and my muscles was gone. the past 3 months I exercise in my bed daily. I could not even lift my legs 1/4 of an inch. Then I began to lift them a little sideways but not straight. Then slowly I could sideways bent my knee and straighten it. But like turtles are faster than my movements. 3 months my bed is up high. I got arm strength. Because for the past 3 months from shoulders down has been painful pins and needles and weakness. Doctors don't want to send me to a neurologist. I had to google daily and diagnosis myself even in the emergency rooms they do nothing for me when I fell or can't walk or stand. Because they whisper she did it to herself by going to Mexico. No wonder she's like that. So 3 days ago I was finally able to stand between my high bed and wheelchair. But the wheelchair is lower I can't get out of it to a standing position. I walked today with a walker but my knees kept giving out. I had my 17 year old holding my waist with a gait belt or I would not have tried it. I am not sharing my story to take away from yours by no means. I am sharing it to let you know, you are not alone. I know the struggle and pain while they still advertise and make money off our fellow American citizens I hope they don't end up like me. They also told me mine was normal gas pain with the sleeve. They said a little vomiting was normal. But I vomited huge chunks for 3 days I couldn't even take myself to the bathroom. And although I was overweight, I was the most energetic compassionate CNA at the nursing home. I did my job and helped all my co-workers because I loved people and didn't mind hard work to get the jobs done. Now- until 3 days ago I have to depend on someone to bring me drink or pick me up to put my dead weight in the wheelchair. I have to wait for someone to go buy food. I can't get in a vehicle unless someone carries me outside because I have small steps the wheelchair can't go down and up. I have a hard time getting in my Tacoma truck. My behind has slid off the side of the seat making me almost fall to the ground. I too say… "I wish I never had gotten the surgery! The second time was life threatening but it took my mobility and independence away. I say often I rather be big and be independent then be skinny and bedridden. Its like I have became paralyzed but luckily I have worked hard around to overcome it. And it even damaged my vision. My eye prescription was still active in date, but I knew when I woke up after surgery it was worse. My 8 year old had a horrible birthday. I couldn't go shopping, make a cake or decorate as I always have for all my kids. She asks me to hold her and my body is tingling and hurts to bad to hug my child. She asks for help with homework but my vision to bad to read. And the doctors that performed my surgeries after telling me my stomach had flipped and twisted the intestines closed… they will not even send my medical records here to me or to a gastric surgeon here so I can get professional help. I was trying to get seen there so I could get a referral to a neurologist and to try to give it to disability. But I can't apply for disability because they sent me a code by mail 5 weeks ago that has never came and I did finally get a neurologist appointment and I have my 1st physical therapy appointment next week. I just want you to know- If you need someone else who also had a bad experience to join you trying to do something in Mexico and save some of our American people from going threw this. I stand with you.

Michele Long says:

What sucks is that an American who needs medical intervention has to seek it from another country because health costs are so astronomical here.

Mr J says:

Me da Risa miralos tirados

Alfredo Romero says:

Now do it again

Russ Mess says:

TJ? That was an incredibly bad idea to start with. People use your brain. Did she know nothing about Mexico and especially TJ?

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