Trump did what I did

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C O says:

Wwe are waking up! Just how do we get them out!

StateofMind111 says:

and yet it's not. when you know it's like your in some kind of Syfy Psychwar much <3

Sarah J. says:

Amen Rosanne.

Teresa Drewicki says:

I have most of your shows on DVD but never saw the tenth season hope to c it one day

Alex Muray says:

Such a nasty woman .

NosMoKing1112 says:

Progressive????  Your 10th season was DYNAMIC, POWERFUL,
and GROUNDBREAKING ….the nincompoops in “trollywood” have no idea how to
inspire anyone.  I hope you read the comments on your videos.  YOU are fussing
Awesome and Wucking Fonderful.  You accomplished so much by exposing them and their stinking agenda.  You have proven how genuine you are as a person, a very fabulous person. A Mensch – I am honored by your existence. May HaShem show you that which you have accomplished the WHOLE PICTURE.  Love you

Se Nile says:

Now you see, it's not progressive at all. Immature minds are unable to separate fact from fiction; unfortunately Roseanne was a victim of their stupidity.

Coral Rain says:

Sara Gilbert’s doing..

LIVE Untethered Muse Podcast! says:

Don't worry, programmers of the the world control Hollywood, they don't control anything they make lol… we can see your 10th season anytime we like. It was great, and you really did prove a point! They can never take that away from you. Just remember, Hollywood isn't what it was once created to be. You have nothing more to prove.

Dawn Fletcher says:

You did kinda discover George Clooney….

Heidi Stetler says:

Love you Rosie!

Carla Whittington says:

Support you 100. I will never watch the Connors if it's even still on air. When you left so did I.

Stephen Garrison says:

trump brings everyone together? wow how stupid can one old bitch be who calls men dick-tards! i cant understand why u have never got a good one? because u sure are one classy lady- evertime u open ur mouth the classy lady u are just pours out! & ur looks- well i cant even begin to go into them!

Sherry Smart says:

God is with you I know you feel hurt, saddened and betrayed by the satanic blood suckers. This feeling will pass and you will come out bigger than ever. God bless and stay strong more people love you than you realize. Yes you were uniteing the people a big no no for those in control of Hollywood.

Richard McLeod says:

Ecclesiastes 9:11

I returned and saw under the sun that—
The race is not to the swift,

Nor the battle to the strong,

Nor bread to the wise,

Nor riches to men of understanding,

Nor favor to men of skill;

But time and chance happen to them all.

patchchrist says:

Progressive Hollywood=Corporate Hollywood. Corporate Hollywood needs to die.

Debra Trimpey says:

Roseanne you are absolutely the most talented Hollywood Icon… I miss seeing you. Where can I contact you?

aslan lion says:

Love you. Loved his speech.

Cindy Hull says:

I think you are doing good by what you are doing now. They had no plans to air your show, you were set up. That show sinks just Sex and Transgender, putting up with Gay and calling everything that is good evil and everything that is evil good. you don't need to be on that Box/ It's all programming/

Nicki Silvers says:

I refuse to watch the Connors. You made that show what it was and for them to kick you off really pissed me off! How dare them! I'm sure ratings suffered for it! And the other actors on the show should have refused to film it without you! Shame on them! I will not watch anything with those actors in it ever again because I feel like they should have stood up for you. Not that you can't handle your own, but it's just the principle of it. Much love Roseanne!

FiveDmark111 says:

Love you Roseanne, you are such a strong women! The awake people know you have been black balled and are a victim of The evil illuminati.

Russ Fye says:

Best YouTube Channel… PERIOD!!! We ❤️ You, Roseanne!

angela says:

Roseanne all them Hollywood b**** are just jealous of you because you Kick-Ass above and beyond and you're untouchable and unmatchable. that's why they're scared of you

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