Steph Curry was NEVER HESITANT: Should the Warriors have gone ALL-IN for KD?! | NBA Today

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The NBA Today crew are back to talk through Steph Curry saying he was “never hesitant” in endorsing a Kevin Durant reunion. #ESPN #NBAToday #NBAonESPN #NBA

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BeatsbyBlanch says:

KD like that toxic ex that wants to get back together but Steph ain't no simp. XD

S. G.E says:

get the players off the show its so much better when matt and perk. the jump had better player hosts

Charlie Cheetah says:

Losing Young Glove will come back to haunt Golden State. He would have definitely been a factor against the Clippers, Nuggets and Mavs this season. His loss has been overlooked. But as seen against the Grizzlies, his defensive worth was priceless last season

Shu Wing Leung says:

I missed Malika while she was gone. Glad that she's back.

-- says:

Would prefer a deep team than getting a 33 year old Durant

Gee says:

KD is Curry’s son son

noah maroto says:

Draymond better get a pay cut

El Sicario 209 says:

With Kd and klay healthy warriors are undefeated in the finals!! They haven't been beating!!

Thaer Thabata says:

What all of you don't understand about Steph is that his offense is his defense

Christopher Slaunwhite says:

She must of forgot they was unbeatable wit KD….

Kumbert Joehl-Lee says:

Yeah but let's not forget that Curry's offence is his defense and that Westbrook averaged a tripple double.

balltalkdeep says:

I'm just glad KD is not back on the Warriors

Elue Wisdom says:


Jake Logan says:

No is the only answer

jbugg says:

funny cuz when steph was asked about LeBron coming to play with him, he was basically like "nahh i'm good with the players we have"

Bad Azz JuJu says:

I'll quit watching the NBA if they ever team up again curry got all his rings by luck who df did theCeltics really got to win a chip they still young

jg10304 says:

Greatest roster of all time

Rohit Goel says:

you idiots wouldve been then ones crying for 3 more years. Drove KD away in the first place

SportNut says:

Curry is just being humble and nice as usual and not give any chance for the media to use his word to throw shade at his former teammate. Besides he already proven it 2 times that he can win without KD before and after. There just isn't an angle that you can attack his legacy anymore. So why not

Sam Gunz says:

It's not about them, it's about KD….

Mektek19 says:

Of course Curry would want him back now, he just got his FMVP and is proven now lol. He has nothing left to prove it would just be the cherry in top. They would probably win two more titles. That would be GOAT territory for Curry. Curry is smart he knows it would just help him at this point.

eric Pangilinan says:

Because haters going to hate Steph needed kd to beat LeBron people like Rob Parker and skip will hate on Steph

Raquel Wright says:

She's Back, happy to have Malika back.

Steve Hornea says:

Three things on Windys mind….

Buffet washroom, then hit the buffet again

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