Why The U.S. Military Faces A Growing Recruiting Crisis

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The U.S. military is facing uncertain waters: A diminishing pool of eligible applicants, low unemployment and the public’s fading trust in the institution have made recruiting much harder then in previous years. The Army has been especially hard-hit by these issues, and currently faces a massive recruiting shortfall. What can the various branches do to make the military a attractive job option for young Americans?

“The Army has to recognize that there’s been an evolution in that young population,” said U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif, chair of the Subcommittee on Military Personnel. “And if you’re going to target that young population for service, you’ve got to make it appealing to them.”

Of all the military branches, the U.S. Army is running into the most difficulty this fiscal year in bringing in recruits. The other services should manage to hit their goals, according to Stars and Stripes, but underlying issues continue to make recruiting a difficult endeavor.

Watch the video above to find out more about the challenges the U.S. military face in trying to fix the growing recruiting crisis.

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Why The U.S. Military Faces A Growing Recruiting Crisis


Migdalia says:

The evolution is they see through all this b***** of this corrupt corporational fictional system what it stands for..Divide & Conquer ..These soldiers are working for pennies..they are being disrespected ..it's ran by an evil entity that can give 2shits..it's all about profit..This whole corrupt corporational fictional is collapsing..Reset

Bluntman3 says:

Just curious on everyone's thought's of having to have a G.E.D or High School Diploma to join is it right?

Anthony Rodriguez says:

5:26 is the main reason why the military cannot recruit

Duffelbag Drag says:

As a retired U.S. Army infantryman who served for 23 years (1986-2010) and deployed to multiple combat zones, I find it hilarious listening to these civilians, who’ve NEVER SERVED, speak about what they think is best for the military. Also, watching the army keep lowering its standards was the main reason I retired in 2010. If they lower the standards any farther they’ll be trying to recruit one-legged, obese, transgender prison inmates with AIDS, monkeypox, syphilis and ebola.

Chris Flynn says:

I’ve been in recruiting since 2009. The problem is our soft leaders are more concerned with making the military look like society, rather than requiring society assimilate into the mindset and discipline of the military.

trapstar qui says:

Nobody really wants to join bc the jobs as well

James O'Brien says:

My father and his brothers were in World War 2. He was a Marine who saw combat in several battles in the Pacific, and was decorated for his service. I enlisted in the Marine Corps at the age of 18. I turned 19 in 1969, on Parris Island. I served a tour in Vietnam. I would not change a thng . My oldest son became a Marine in 2006. I sweated out his deployment to Fallujah, Iraq; as well as a 2nd deployment to the Middle East. Given what occurred last year in Afghanistan, I'm not suprised that young people are reluctant to enlist and serve in the military. Why risk your life for an ancient, corrupt politician who is intent on destroying the Constitution and the very Republic that you would swear to defend and uphold. While I am aware that there are other reasons for low enlistments, the aforementioned is the most compelling to me. FJB!

Alejandro Gorricho says:

Maybe this is a sing we should scale back American Imperialism and the military industrial complex? No? Is that not an option?

Neil Da'Prince says:

This country will destroy itself. No need for a military. No outside threat can do the damage that the US will cause itself anyway.

EdmacZ says:

When you join the military, remember whom you are fighting for.

You are fighting for bankers, wall street, politicians, Raytheon, and Israel, not for your country's wellbeing or your childrens' future.

So be a good ZOG and do your bidding.

Danny Lebowitz says:

I tried to enlist multiple times. Recruiters had no interest in me because I'm heavier than a high schooler my height at weight. It's muscle, I'm not some scrawny ass kid with no direction. I'm driven, I work out, I compete. The recruiters never call back because of my age. I have a masters degree, and perform well on their written tests. I just happen to be in my early 30s and I'm a triathlete…

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