Economist: ‘The storm is coming’ for the U.S., Europe, and China

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Morgan Stanley Chief Global Economist Seth Carpenter joins Yahoo Finance Live anchor to discuss the European energy crisis, the Bank of England raising rates, global recessionary risks, and the outlook for the economy.
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Paul remnant one says:

Things are about to get a lot worse! Why do I say that? Because the famine started, water shortages has started, food shortages has started, financial collapse in all nations! The Bible says it would. Now it’s going to pick up speed. Zephaniah 1:14, 2 Peter 3:13 revelation 12:12. Churches are losing their holiness, purity and treading down. Isaiah 22:5. Yep going to get a lot worse my people!

joe says:

Sorry to tell you bro. You are wrong. THE STOM IS ALREADY HERE.

Darren Phan says:

The storm is coming WWG1WGA.

SolitaryDust says:

this wouldn't be bad if most of them didn't naked short a lot of companies and not just take the L they deserve

Samay Rafiq says:

We are going into tough recession

hiStorya ICCI says:

Re the Storm. For US — don't think (only in terms of some re-shuffling if certainly harder landing will be chosen), but for others — can, for some it could be the end, cause of not doing elementary home work. Krgds, &AAA.###

Jason Ko says:

A lot of these ‘Opinion’ pieces are strictly just that – Opinion pieces

Summarised in the 1st 10 secs; China Bad, Europe sucks & US awesome no matter what

Ace Suffian says:

This is utter rubbish and BS… Europe,US are doomed…De dollarisation is happening…Euro and pound are tumbling.. Europe and West are going to suffer immense Pain…. that's a fact

Thomas Rial says:

I don’t think people realize how much America relies financially on Europe and China in todays Economy.

Orvin Strickler says:

It took a year and a half to get us in this mess and will take at least 5 to 8 years to get us out of this and back to normal. In the mean time I am patiently waiting to buy up as many foreclosures a possible.

Matthew Dean says:

When lies are pretested as truth, nothing but pain and suffering comes from it.

Doug The Viking says:

All you guys been predicting bad for quite sometime. It's not good now so if it's going to get worse??? Bring it on . So we can get on with it .

Wright Schwartz says:

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