Blinken, in Kyiv, unveils $2B in US military aid

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken paid an unannounced visit to Kyiv on Thursday as the Biden administration announced major new military aid worth more than $2.8 billion for Ukraine and other European countries threatened by Russia. (Sept. 8)

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Truehurtssomtimes says:

Blinker is a War criminal, generations of Ukrainian families will know , he makes me want to throw up in my own mouth him and his buddy Bill Cosby

Андрей Попов says:

you haven't woken up the Russian bear yet, while you're poking at him with a stick…. When the bear wakes up, you will regret very much that you were born into the world!!!!!

atish ramsundra says:

And people still respect their American government? they can't help their own ppl,
But they sending billions elsewhere,I laugh when I see people holding their heart for the star spangled banner

Sedition Case says:

Zelensky and Biden are both Puppets for China and Russia. Russia wishes to conquer Europe, and China wants the US

Brian Morris says:

Minus 10 percent for the big guy!

Andy's Garage says:


Andy's Garage says:

Stop giving our freaking money to Ukraine while we need it here for our own people

coyoote5 says:

They can help another border but what about ours????? Way to go brandon

Jon Kline says:

B F S what about the streets of Philadelphia? How many people can’t make the rent or mortgage payments. Oh how’s is Bieden son doing was doesn’t the media follow up with that.

Americas Death says:

More money for this dictator. Amazing tax payers money keep funding this war.

Reuben Handel says:

Why don't we want the Donbass region to be independent?
I forgot

[ CMV ] America says:

Money has to flow to keep the world moving.

Ortho-G says:

At this point, I can say that as long as Balfours are permitted to occupy policy making positions in the US government, all will continue to be in chaos. They are UNFIT.

[ CMV ] America says:

But who is really getting that money?

Rocky Barnes says:

America’s too damaged for repair. SECESSION will restore America’s Republic with Republican States,;-.:

K H says:

LOL wearing camo like he was just in a battle
mf'er we know you just woke up and put that on

Oprr Rah says:

Oh, no warning he was coming… I hate when that happens

Don Koehler says:

And democrats keeps extorting money in Ukraine.

R&R says:

Russia needs to hurry up and win so we can stop funding this bs war created by biden.

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