Viral: Pakistanis loot and destroy tomatoes imported from Iran. Here is why.

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Angry Pakistani farmers went on a rampage and destroyed as well as looted tomato boxes imported from Iran in Balochistan. This after Pakistan government allowed the imports of vegetables from Iran and Afghanistan to meet the shortages caused by floods in Pakistan. The farmers said their crop is ready and that the government should stop importing from neighbouring countries. Watch the video for more details.

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Kay Cey says:

If you don't want it fine. Return it or distribute it for free. Why destroy it? Feel disgusting to see so much food destroyed. God takes away the food from mouth who doesn't respect the value of 1 grain of crop.

Bolt Gaming says:

These fucking farmers want more money that's why they destroying these trucks…. They want tomato at 250 per kg and above…. Fucking greedy son of bitch

Manoj V says:

Lol we get special tomato from China, whats the need of Iranian tomatoes

Christian Man K says:

Stupid peaceful people destroying precious tomatoes. What a peaceful way of protest!!!!

Banoo says:

They are soo intelligent… a situation like this….Really a sad sight!!

King S says:

what bunch of morons, either give it away or give it back to iran and reclaim your money

Muslim American Vlogger says:

Food is food no matter where it’s from.
I feel their pain but they should have given it to hungry and needy people.

Prathamesh Kotkar says:

Half of Pak submerged in flood .. people don't know whether they will see food next time and here some of them wasting food. Genius!

Shray Sharma says:

Hahahaha barbaad desh barbaad log

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