Kavanaugh Flees D.C. Restaurant After Protesters Crash Dinner, WH Responds To Outrage |Roland Martin

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Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh intended to have a steak dinner at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Washington D.C. However, pro-choice protestors discovered him and congregated around the restaurant.

Kavanaugh reportedly managed to finish his dinner but fled before dessert. [https://bit.ly/3IzFktB]

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Cynthia Lumsey says:

Peter ask stupid questions everyday just to be annoying!

Jimmy Boyd says:

peter; BYE BOY

Ratchet Rock says:

You choose to be a representative oh well

Mary Smith says:

Our Government is useless and old. We need a change. They need to be put to bed.

Mary Smith says:

Because he's a judge he is no more important than a drunk in the street .The judge ship is for him only it means nothi.g to no one else. Stop feeling yourself.

Dorian Roy says:

Is he saying that about the racial gatherings

Larry maxwell says:

What is this dude talking about don’t go to a restaurant because a surpreme court justice is at

Brooklyn guy says:

It looks like Peter is trying to intimidate her. He's not that bright.

K BL99 says:

This is intimidating and threatening life of someone outside of their home!

K BL99 says:

This country has gone mad.

Just sad we all do this for clicks and money!

K BL99 says:

So threatening his life at his home is ok?

K BL99 says:

There is a Federal Law to protect Supreme Court Justices.

Know the law. What right wing group is protesting in public or at a home of Supreme Court Justices?

K BL99 says:

This isn’t unifying anyone. You segregating people again.

You have bought into the “Lefts” idea to separate and segregate us again.

It’s a shame you can’t say this is wrong. It’s wrong in any front whether left or right.

This is sad Roland.

K BL99 says:

Why do you go to personal insults.

Calling people “Dumb”?

Why do you make racist comments!

This is not how you get your argument or point across!

K BL99 says:

Why is this funny?

He has had to deal with death threats and a homicide attempt?

MrNicnichols says:

So your 1st amendment rights do not matter
Why did I fight for my Country for this BS.
I swore an oath To hold up the constitution of United States so did President Biden he needs to re-read the constitution and the measurements

Brenda Boswell says:

She told him over and over again

William Watson says:

Why do you continue to try to appease this a****

Princern Prince says:

You all are correct, too bad the Whitehouse press secretary couldn't express that efficiently. She sounded very weak stuttering when she could have explained it just like Roland did. She was very weak in that exchange.

Yasu Talodin says:

Oh well…the more they continue to take away peoples rights, the angrier people are going to get until they finally snap. It's not going to be pretty.


Why don't you protesters get a job nothing better to do

Elliott Tucker says:

He should press the dumb republicans the same way instead head sucking them

Dingle Lawrence says:

These justices know where and when a protest occur that they should not engage, and unless the protestor haggle them, threaten or attempt to disrespect them, then protesters can incur judges any where because judges do not have detailed security with executive privileges that is a strange question?

Free Indeed says:

These black folk really want the right to terminate black life

Free Indeed says:

I think this is wrong if it’s done by anyone regardless of political affiliation

St Davis says:

Lol….he's entitled to eat, I say Not ever! Peaceful and properly protest his dumb ass would be the correct way to annoy him for what he's done.

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