Investigations Into Trump’s Actions To Overturn The 2020 Election Widen

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The New York Times reports more than a dozen people connected to Donald Trump were just subpoenaed in the government’s investigations in the plot to steal the 2020 election. MSNBC Contributor Charles Coleman Jr. and Eugene Daniels joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss the sprawling probes into Trump’s actions to subvert American democracy. 

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Cathy Smith says:

WARNING — DUMPF IS BACK ON TWITTER, FB AND INSTAGRAM. HE HAS 3m SUBSCRIBERS ON HIS "NEW" YOUTUBE ACCOUNT. HE MUST BE DESTROYED!! i wonder wonder wonder how we will survive. he is the cause of Covid and WWIII in Russia. want more?? not me. doesn't look like he is going anywhere near a prison.

P. says:

And still the leader of the insurrection is free!! How is that possible??

Linda Jackson says:

At what point is justice going to be served?

Allen Hare says:

The noose is tightening…


Bannon doesn't need to build a wall, there is already a wall around his prison cell.

bttr2brnout says:

Joe Biden will be the first president ever impeached who was never elected.

Terrence Kane says:

This man is correct. Nailing Trump on Espionage sounds dramatic, but Obstruction is the sure thing. He refused to return documents. That's 20 years.

C. Adams says:

The day that Mueller said on live TV that after Trump leaves the White House ( depending on his only serving one term) can be indicted on up to 10 counts of obstruction of justice is the moment of horror for Donald Trump . I'm not trying to make any efforts to excuse anything that he has done . It's just trying to figure out the origins of the highest criminal actions of that Presidency. That doesn't explain anything except for a extremely weak minded person that isn't used to answering for their individual actions. Accountability.

ThE DuCk says:

When nothing is going right, go left. VOTE BLUE !!

Samuel Machado says:

Lies, Lies and Lies….That's what you hear in MSNBC, CNN, TYT…

Deanna Delmar says:

I pray that this will stop the trump Treasonous acts. I pray that many of the trumpists will be held responsible.

steve sebek says:

ya , lock him up !

Dennis Coney says:

His dumb supporters only support him cause of his racist ways having the thought of making this world a white world made them feel like they were in power!

Chicano Rock-Rap Fusion says:

You the media should focus on issues we are facing now with the current administration, good and bad. You focus way too much on Trump.

Saber says:

The Dems and msdnc effectively let China place Biden in the White House. 2020 will forever have a giant asterisk because the so-called "free press" are propagandists for the Dems.



Tim D says:

Do you wonder. You pretty much answered yourself right there.

Cotiac says:

Send Trump to Getmo. Cuba.

Jose L Castillo says:

Mr. Miller!!!!
Is your turn!!!!

Cotiac says:

Lock him up now

frieswithmayo says:

Kindergarten. Woke degenerates vs fascist bigots. All of them on MSNBC and Fox. Hey USA, when will you grow up and stop your hate on both sides ?

Herman Ripps says:

thers something physically and mentally wrong with every one of you democrats, nuff said.

Herman Ripps says:

u demorats need to look in the mirror your a disgrace to humanity.

Sweet Willy says:

After over 6 yrs of nonstop investigations it’s safe to say Trump is the most law abiding president in history

Herman Ripps says:

election was stolen by fake news msnbc cnn ect

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