Extreme Solo Fishing On A Tiny Island Paradise

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Solo fishing and camping on an uninhabited tropical island in paradise! https://cavyfishing.com

Saltwater rock fishing with this equipment

Daiwa 20 SALTIGA 14000-XH

SPARTAN S79-8/10

Saltiga 12 EX+Si 8/300m

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Geoff Felsing says:

I barely got into the video and an ad came on and so I stopped watching your video and if it continues I definitely won't watch more; thought you might want to know

Jarang Mancing TGM says:

Benar benar menyenangkan petualang dengan mancing
Menemukan tempat baru

Godwin Fitz Ota says:


Abel Flores says:

God's beautiful landscape is enough for me

jp allen says:

Did you see the huge amount of damage the hook did the underneath the fishes head? it was all sliced up from the lure…… lures like that are not made for catch and release they do too much damage….

josmancing says:

I really like this video and watch and watch again,,, nice to watch it from josmancing in Lombok

Gabriel Oliveira says:

why u let a lot of fish go, you can sell them

b abel says:


Watch out for snakes where you pitch your tent

PatC Fish Gt says:

อยากไปตกด้วยครับแต่เสียดายฉันพูด ภาษาคุณไม่ได้

happy fishing from belinyu says:

Ketika pergi memancing ,dan tidak mendapatkan ikan , itu dinamakan " BONCOS "

Kirk Wyman says:

you need a metal leader bro

Charlie reyes says:

Hoping that i can have a set of rod like yours ☺️. I'm your fan on fishing

Fabian Rönck says:

maybe you should calm down, and go for light tackle fishing near by…

Satoshi Sacamoco says:

Where is it?

Anto Cuares says:

Mate you sound got a cold or somethin

Anders Carlberg says:

Thanks for a nice show from Sweden
We really enjoyed it

Silent G says:

Very good video bro +1 new sub

A1blooded says:

One thing that i don’t Understand ( how you able to open ur eyes under salt water?)

Christophe Pélissier says:

Hi Cavy saw your videos, every aspect of the trip are great indeed! what's the gear brand name for the lighter rod and smaller reel ?

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