The Insane Biology of: Hammerhead Sharks

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Writer/Narrator: Stephanie Sammann
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Illustrator/Animator: Kirtan Patel (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster (
Producer: Brian McManus (

Imagery courtesy of Getty Images

Additional Photo Credits:
Aleksey Nagovitsyn
Matteo De Stefano/MUSE
Dmitry Bogdanov
Nobu Tamura
Tommy from Arad
Nemo’s great uncle

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Real Science says:

And if you haven’t had enough ocean creature facts for one day, head over to listen to our new podcast episode “Deciphering the Mind of the Octopus” on Nebula. It will take you behind the scenes on what it’s like to take care of these mischievous animals. This is probably my favorite episode yet!

Scales The Lizard Wizard says:

Hammerheads are my favorite species of shark cus when I first went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium a Hammerhead swam sideways above my head

Brownie Pudding says:

Why are you blaming all of humanity for Asian problems shark fin soup. Amount countless other horrific things they do to all living things

Melatonin says:

9:26 Cool they made the Ghost Leviathan Into a real thing

Figureign - Action Figures Unboxing Channel says:

God must have been DRUNK when he created sharks. He practically turned TOOLS into sharks: HAMMER-head shark, ANVIL shark, SAW shark (long saw version), SAW shark (circular saw version)…
Come on God. Do you have to steal ideas from DIY tools??? -,-'

Viscid says:

The way Mako is said, idk why but it hurts me to my soul

John Doe says:

What conditions pressured these sharks into existence?

diego broche says:

chill out dude, you talk like the shark is almost going to bite you……

Dino_Rider77 says:

Omg please a different narrator

barrie tse says:

poor Hammerhead and stingray in japan, if this took place in china, the world blame, double standard

Anthem says:

“Creatures were simple”

Lmao, sure

trash newt says:

sharks are an excellent example of why depth perception isnt the best factor in determining prey or predator, only what an animal worries about.

mammal predators are actually rather peculiar, as many small carnivorans have forward facing eyes despite a wide number of predators. their hearing probably picks up the slack here.

sharks are similar, but opposite. their eyes are placed far apart, letting them see threats such as other sharks and cetaceans from all around, but their electroreception picks up the slack in this case, letting them see prey outside of their vision.

Twone Lindsey says:

But sharks don’t dominate the ocean, orcas do

J. Savage says:

the diagram that said mad lift at 8:51 Had me screaming! Y'all betta stawp lmao

Son of the daughter of Mary Magdalene says:

With the RIGHT formula I AM sure we can live under water, human body 70% water

Joshua Patrick says:

OK but how u gonna make so many videos about animals without knowing the plural form of like a third of them?

FANTA Soewda says:

Soon there will be a Shark that has evolved to not due to humans and maybe eat humans as a main source of food

Tim Ryan says:

Ive designed something I want real people to help me with. Want to help me?

Nigel Braunig says:

I hate how man kind is killing this planet. It makes me sick, this world is so beautiful.

Rubick says:

3:55 why i laugh when she said see the world independently

Justin Lomax says:

I like learning about cool animals but evolution is a garbage theory taught as fact when they don't actually know anything.

Ryan Gibson says:

If I had seen this in Junior High, it would have made a world of difference. Even with a post grad degree, great visual and voiceovers. I am jealous.

Adrienne says:

I really feel it is so disgusting and immoral that humans can treat some sharks with so little dignity as to cut off their fins to serve as a soup, a known delicacy! If someone decided to eat humans (not meaning cannibals) to cull the population, a few or thousands in countries this goes on, would be crapping themselves! Sharks are like every other living thing, the ocean is their home and playground, also their hunting fields, and like the rest of us they have to eat! Everyone naturally creates holy shit if a human has been attacked by a shark. But humans its up to them to respect where they choose to swim in the oceans of the world or use it for recreational activities, as sharks are going to be living in some of these habitats..their natural homes! I'm always in awe of the shark programs I watch on here and of the people whom interact with some pretty dangerous species. I don't particularly think them stupid, as they are aware of what they are doing, and know how to handle sharks, also it's highly educational. I would not however have gotten out of my depth in the past to be in shark infested waters, not even for basking sharks..because I just wouldn't do it, can't swim fast enough! All mammals of the sea and land deserve respect in the same way humans are..thanks for sharing this video!

MW says:

The Chinese are wholly to blame for this. If your angry about it, be angry at them.

Dex says:

The eye position is actually not that remarkable. The eye position of predators vs prey animals theory only works on land. If we look at sea creatures many have eyes at the side (like prey animals on land). Take for example the great white, orca, octopus, squid, sperm whale, eel, stingray, manta. The list goes on.

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