Forex Trading Is Officially OVER..

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Ayoub Obou says:

What’s your broker?

Israel Ayala says:

Where do I go to make $ alongside you???

Mahamed Kebbeh says:

I don’t have time to watch a potential 8 minute clickbait video. Can anyone please let me know if the thumbnail is true or not?

CandidszN says:

never playlike that bro,yho

JTEO says:

While Prices of houses is increasing here in Africa . Damn Africa


BRO can you make some video on your thoughts on Pivot Camrilla strategy

Ty Kit says:

App is white again

Luther Kvng says:

Throughout the video I was turning my mind over how a pair scissors ✂️ can fix the right side of your beards. I'll be so relieved to see it.

Thank you Mamba frfr, you're such a big inspiration.

WAGURA says:

To the one reading this comment do your homework

Trades By Mo says:

Cool video!

Sydney McCraw says:

4:55 – me explaining to family and friends that there's always money to be made in the foreign exchange market regardless of what's going on LOL

Giovanni Louis says:

why do I even look at that idiot video,,,

Eric Boonk says:

Fx is it!! I love this market!

Francis says:

Nice video and great work. I Make huge profits On my investment since I started trading with Mrs Michele jacob, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade.

Detron Fuller says:

Got me on the clickbait lol.. Great information though!

terri mateus says:

Anyone who thinks forex will disappear is stupid, I’m sorry…..

Queen Mama says:

Wow TY for this information!

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