Beginning and Restarting Genealogy Research

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How to get back into genealogy research after a break. This genealogy audit will help you avoid genealogy mistakes. How to find your Ancestry search history.
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0:00 Introduction (More to come)
04:35 How to find where you left off at search history
10:24 Identify Gaps in your family tree
13:42 How to find your search history in Rootsmagic
15:25 Why you should use a genealogy software program
17:35 why genealogists need computer cloud backup

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Diana Hurford says:

Great gem re recent search on Ancestry (or other subscription) to find what you were doing last. Thanks as always.

Family History Detective says:

Hi Lisa! My name is Dave. And I am an Erratic Genealogist

I think this video is great advice because the reality is most of us have to go through this at some point or another. Personally, I'm really forgetful and can be a bit scatterbrained. Things like research logs and source citations are invaluable for me to remember what I've already done so I don't sit there staring blankly at the screen and repeating myself.

I use GRAMPS for my genealogy database. Something that is extremely helpful in that program is I have the Dashboard set to show me a to-do list I've created, the last records I've modified, and some suggestions that Gramps thinks I should do to fill in gaps in my research.

Meredith Johanson says:

I've been syncing my RM tree with Ancestry for a while, but never figured out I could be searching from within RM — I will try it out!

Arlinda Nelson says:

Thank you Lisa for this informative share. This subject has been haunting me over the past few months. I was unaware of the search history on Ancestry. I am at ease a little bit now.

Sandra Flickinger says:

Thank you Lisa. Great hints.

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