Zoology – Maroon

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Zoology – Maroon
Can’t stop listening to this! 🎧

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About College Music:
At College Music, we find and showcase the latest work from up and coming artists. Whether you’re about to go out, having a party or just relaxing; we aim to represent something exciting, attractive and inviting. The name originated because a small group of friends while at College struggled to find music which had originality and didn’t conform to the generic “pop” which was consistently released to the public. College Music is about new music from unheard artists and providing a platform for them to be heard by listeners like us. We firmly believe that a brand’s name, ethos, and content should all align together. For us, our name ties in perfectly. 

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Xian says:

Can someone copy paste my name and show me how it looks like? Google keeps messing up my username

XO candyfliptrip says:

You people must be some of the most chill people i wish i could know

KMNDRS says:

Looking for more tunes like this instrumentally. Any tips on bands like Zoology or TTNG, help a brother out!

darkslayer178 says:

made my day ❤❤

Alison K says:

Could you please provide a direct link to the artist's work on Unsplash? Thanks

Nicky says:

Love you dude <3

ziiimo says:

Thank you for taking your time to show us great music/songs like this one. ♥️

hunnyc19 says:

❤❤ beautiful

ツEmmanuel says:

Latinos? :/

HandsomeKaan says:

College Music keeps giving me songs to add to my playlists. <3

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