Creating a Brand Identity: From Start to Finish

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Oksh YT says:

Thank you very much
Quick question
What did you use to make the 3d models?

Lizer Gr says:

I click on instruntals and I hear no soft

MN Creations says:

I know tNice tutorials is an old video but I’m new and thank god I finally found you . Thank you for such an amazing and helpful video ❤️

Jariw says:

im too dumb to understand i will stick to only my guitar says:

How much you charge?

Get_narked 93 says:

Incredible love the energy in this video

Theresa Michelle says:

How do you price a service like this? A full brand

Hanif Ahmed says:

Hi, i need your help with packaging designs. Can u help me?

Ramontb lourieez says:

cam on ban rat de hieu, rat ti mi

Ofek Buzaglo says:

Great value and really inspiring, thank you!
Keep it up!

CocoCharms says:

Really cool and informative video. I love how you use Illustrator and it motivated me to learn more about the software. I've mostly been using Photoshop because it's always been easier for me, but now see lots of advantages in using Illustrator.

Jack Harper says:

Great tutorial! One question from me, you create custom fonts – do you make these into useable fonts or do you customise each time? How do you create sub fonts or find suitable ones? What's the best process for this please

Angela Macapayag says:

I always watch your videos! I'm 17 rn and I really REALLY love graphic designs! I may not good on making Graphic Designs but just watching it and learn from your videos really inspires me to give myself a chance to learn and Design my own. I really wanna study Graphic Designs but I'm still doubtful since I also wanted to take Accountancy cuz it's very needed in my hometown, but my heart really Screams to go for Graphic Designs.

I hope 2 years from now I will go back to this comment of mine to see what I really choose

Rahma W says:

Thank you for this! Super cool video! A+++

die Yps lackiert says:

I have no intention on becoming a graphic designer myself but still i'm binging your videos because i adore your thought process throughout designing, i love the results and your personality is just the sweetest ♥

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