Body of missing Memphis jogger Eliza Fletcher identified

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A body found in a Memphis neighborhood Monday was confirmed to be a Tennessee woman who was abducted late last week. Police arrested 38-year-old Cleotha Abston and charged him with first-degree murder and first-degree murder in perpetration of kidnapping. Elise Preston has more.

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Kit Gin says:

This is a hate crime! Someone mentioned that the perp’s social media posts suggest this, i read somewhere

Brian Patterson says:

Justice would be death penalty to be carried out at sunrise.

BeStill Patience says:

Another Karen killed! …Bravo

Dandy Chiggins says:

Highly populated cities spend billions on funding for a football game, but not for new jails……

Hauling Fuel says:

The democrats here don’t care. It’s just a white woman

Eiseman says:

Look up Knoxville Horror and Witchita massacre.

VM says:

Black from the hood what do you expect? a hero especially with criminal history of kidnapping.

Robert Frye says:

Silverback Attack

niles halinger says:

justice for a crime that could easily have been avoided and/or prevented – alone, female, lightly clothed, in the dark – none of her being a teacher, mother, and wife meant anything as she became an opportunity.

Sam Wheat says:

If this happened in the early 1900s you would have had white lynch mobs coming from different states trying to get to Memphis to drag him out the jail. They was not playing 100 years ago.

Twiggy B says:

He only served 20 for a 24 year sentence???? He would have been the same worthless mocha if you had kept him the additional 4 years and would have been a different victim. Death penalty is the only sentence for these people.

Helena Constantine says:

About a dozen black prostitutes disappear from East St. Louis every year–sometimes their bodies are dredged up from the Mississippi some time later. None of these murders and abductions are ever solved or seriously investigated. What do you think the difference is?

King Ben says:

This is what happens when you run half naked 🙁

Jay Ritch says:

What a nightmare for this woman. Too bad she didn't start running when that killer ran towards her. I recommend all women jogging now carrying small revolvers to defend themselves, surprising their assailants with a gunshot wound to their legs putting them out of commission. No one runs with a bullet in their legs. You drop to your knees in pain.

Michele Otero says:

POS dust bucket. Rip

Zeus Will says:

This is just so senseless and infuriating. Just so DAM SENSELES! I can only imagine she begged for her life and told him she had children and this dam animal senselessly killed her, just so dam heartbreaking! I'm with Gayle, I don't even know this women but it is so dam senseless. That someone can just at his/her will TAKE YOUR LIFE! because they are just empty, soulless, heartless and evil individuals! When is the court system going to stop these people from coming back into our streets and thinking they have redeemed themselves behind jail. He should had NEVER been paroled! NEVER! The court system make it easy for these dam scums to do this and one can only pray there is a needle or electric chair waiting for him in the near future. Life in prison would be too dam easy for him. He would just be going back home to his buddies. LET HIM MEET GOD TOO!

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