The North Korean prisoner who escaped with her guard – BBC News

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How a prison guard and a prisoner made their break together from one of the world’s most secretive states.

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Andy Ash says:

10 year setance for watching a movie? Thats The sentance in my country for second degree murder

Robert Madeła says:

Does not care of death! Real man!

Sathanas says:

The last part breaks my heart . I feel blessed that I was born in poor but freedom country Nepal. Now I I’m here in HongKong working, earning and doing whatever I like. I can go back and forth to my country whenever I want. Hope they can meet to their family again if possible .

CCT says:

South Korean accents and dialects are very different from North Korea.

SyndicateCI5 says:

Now THESE are soulmates.

Giannis Mallios says:

North Korean people will survive with invansion from another country.Or if the crazy dictator will die,he is a monster has not respect for his people.Before he take his position,he had kill 5 humans and i had listen he had thrown them to the dogs.

Giannis Mallios says:

He is a hero.

Sohaib Wildan Khan says:

So sad to see this kind of life in North Korea

spicygal red pepper says:

while China has been supporting such devilish regime, fk CHINA!

The Traveller And His Buddy. says:

This young man is worth a million. Blessings on him.

paul P says:

What about his family? They would have been put in prison for association.

Lacosta 08 says:

For those who say the US (or any western countries with freedom) is a stupid and terrible country, here is a prime example of how privileged you are to have been born in the western world as opposed to North Korea or China (or even Russia at this point).

Drone says:

North Korea YODOK prison camps – and more. Please Share and help North korean people.

This TRUTH about North korea: (please share this).

Peachy. pink says:

What was the name of the song he sung???

Peachy. pink says:

Him calling her noona was the best part

1 w says:

Sooo…are they still alive now?

Jason n Brandi Taylor says:

Family is always the regret… but I hope they live long happy easy lives now. They (all North Koreans) deserve so much more then they have ever had.

Team Think Big International says:


yo Nismo says:

He only helped her cuz she's a girl. Wat about those other inmates?! I wanna like him but his actions weren't pure he just liked her. If I was him I would have liberated EVERYONE or as many as I can or die trying

Nassir Sedaghatian says:

The brave couple, when you a dream anything is possible.

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