Suspect charged in abduction of missing Memphis jogger

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The family of Eliza Fletcher has offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts as the search for Fletcher continues.



Bob Reese says:

YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? I HAVE ANSWERS!!–Death and murder increasing! …LAWS are made to protect people and increase or maintain quality of life for humans.. There is a growing REBELLIOUS trend to TRASH laws, including moral ones, as mentioned in the bible. 99% of preachers don't even support ALL 10 commandments, and many don't support even any by their LAWLESS heresy. CRIME & CLERGY CONNECTION = TRICKLE DOWN IMMORALITY.. "When people’s thinking is controlled by the sinful self, they are against God, because they refuse to obey God’s law and really are not even able to obey God’s law." ROMANS 8:7 Society will increasingly SUFFER! The barbarians are coming, the barbarians are coming…!!! The preachers lead the charge!

Preston James says:

This is why I don't go jogging at 4:30 am. That is not "morning", it is still the middle of the night!

MN Golf Channel says:

This is why I don’t jog alone and or where I know I’m alone. I go to places where ppl are walking also and more light not a dark spot etc. This world is crazy already don’t trust it.

Beach Bay Area Jr says:

Chances are very slim since it’s been over 48 hours, they may not found her alive or it will be months before they find her

Beach Bay Area Jr says:

Who jogs that early

Haile Selassiei says:

Conspiracy theories: either she left her husband. Her husband plotted and got rid of her; or the other heirs or heir, changed her place in line, and plotted her demise.

MaDDog says:

Show the VIDEO!!! ABC and the rest of MSM are ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS!!!!

April Love says:

I really wish people would stop jogging alone at these crazy times. Predators everywhere. So sad for her

Michael Beal says:

I am shocked that a young black man would commit such a heinous, monstrous crime. When I see every commercial showing a well-adjusted, smiling black nuclear family I think, see, blacks are just like whites. So obviously, this fine young man is the subject of mistaken identity and racism.

03bonneville says:

Our judicial system is broken and George Soros is financing destroying it. Wake up America

LongLiveTheKing1986 says:

I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions all the Black men and women have contributed to our society. Their peaceful NON-VIOLENT nature, and articulate speaking skills make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their child-rearing practices and skills mixed with their unparalleled work ethic are second to none. Their rational and logical thought toward circumstances coupled with their innate capability to de-escalate situations is to be envied and coveted. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Keep up the good work Black community, I'm sure this Black saint is very well on his way to becoming a prominent space engineer!

Jay Silverheals says:

it wont be covered since black against white. had it been the other way around? all the cities would be burning right now

Extreme Pacifist says:

The family of Eliza Fletcher, her husband Richie, and their two young sons, and her parents will live their lives without her because the system, and all who work in the system, allowed this super predator Cleotha Abston, out early, and even after he was arrested in June and violated his parole, he should have been sent directly back to prison to finish his sentence that ended in 2024. Research the criminal justice system and read Colin Flaherty, this happens everyday and has been for many years. Hold the prosecutors, judges, and parole board members, and all politicians who pass these laws, accountable. Eliza Fletcher would still be alive today if the parole officer, prosecutors, and judge did their job. Cleotha Abston arrested on 06/27/2022 violation of parole, SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT BACK TO PRISON TO FINISH HIS 20 YEAR SENTENCE which was 2024.

Extreme Pacifist says:

to add to the evil action of Cleotha Abston, he used her credit cards after he raped and murdered Eliza Fletcher.

s berg says:

Eliza Fletcher – Body Found – Sad News!

Madeline Mardigan says:

we have been conditioned to ignore our instincts to prevent offending someone and it's turned us into victims.

Madeline Mardigan says:

we trade productive and good people for POS who net negative criminals.

John Smith1999 says:

Did we even need to check the race?

ScrubbyBubbles says:

Ah.. another one… and we're not allowed to say what the real issue is here?

trextrextrex says:

Pookie Abston. A career criminal

Bill Bookwalter says:

Billionaire heir ……. The money could not save her

Alice says:

Carry some protection

Alice says:

Carry a firearm

E P says:

This will get swept under rug and very quickly forgotten about …..victim and perp are the wrong races.

I'm honest says:

Why they let that nicca out

Candy44 says:

Im sorry nothing good happens between 12am and 4am just be safe and keep your head on a swivel at all times !! Dont live in fear but be aware of your surroundings!! And stop wearing ear buds im sorry but keep your ears open !! Unfortunately in these days you have to be aware!!

AFG364 says:

served our nation for 25yrs. learned much, worked hard and not "a" new life.

my (work) evaluations were top "tier"; no issues, got along with many and all.

probably at the ten years mark a sgt. by the name of "carl". african/american from the
south told me the following.

he said as a young black male their "mama's" teach them this
to always do and "remember".

if this "had" to be explained to you; you have already "lost" the game.

carl said "mama" taught him, always:

"put fried chicken in your stomach, and put white "women" up on the wall.."

how stupid, naive, and insecure many "women" is and buy into these guys "bs" lines
just so for decades and years they can "brag" to their j'boys about you and your "escapades"
how he had his way with the "white" girl.

look at ms. kupfer in LA killed by "laval" in january 19th, 2022.

25 years of seeing and "hearing" this nobody can tell or "teach" me different.

it appears (appears) that mr. abston had to put another white "woman" on the wall but
in a "different" manner that happens in our nation, also; all (all) the time.

and no it is "not" the overused excuse of poor black guy; from an underserved community, ect..

ms. fletcher and her family i "feel" for in this crime; the other (adult) women (not criminal victims) that listed to ESPN and CNN "tell" them what they should be doing with their values, morals and principles i simply "do" not feel for them. and "if" a black guy asks you out and you say: no, thank you.

well, then you (female) are a hardened, core racist. women tell me this all the time (college, work, etc).

this is "our" nation in 2022 and still the "poor" black male we must give "everything" to, to help and assist.

if they have such "low-esteem"; have a nice life and live that way and manner.

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