Putin attends military exercises with Chinese forces | AFP

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President Vladimir Putin attends large-scale military exercises involving China and several Russia-friendly countries, and meets with his officials at the Sergeevski military range. The military drills, called Vostok-2022, started on September 1 and are due to take place until September 7 across several training grounds in Russia’s Far East and in the waters off its eastern coast.

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Asando Pottale says:

What a crap.

Lukas Belinski says:

When will people learn war doesn't work look through histery everyone losses even the ones that win there is to many deaths to rejoice there are no winners really

Oldskoolrools says:

I'll bet the Chinese were supplying the ammunition…..LOL

Pete Berardi says:


marius marius says:

The guy is cool as ice, no doubt about that.

Danijel Marinković says:

He should be ashamed how his militsry looks in ukraine

a Hermit says:

Tomorrow the luciferian English media will write that Putin is suffering from the binoculars twitching.

Jsn Yrty says:

Shoigu is still alive after the ass whoopin they’re taking in Ukraine?? Im shocked.

Street Smart Science official says:

When PUTIN instals windows
Microsoft accept all his term and Condition

Quote from someone i forget the name is cause it is OUR quote

P-Hawk says:

Зачем кому-то, кто никогда не приближается от Харькову ближе, чем на 650 км, бинокль? Моя украинская учительница, которая учила меня русскому языку 3 года, просто хочет домой. И я хочу вернуться к своим друзьям в Россию. Мои друзья.

Mudassar Bashir says:

Aur Middle East mien iran serya mien miltery and defence and with other state economical trade relations increase ker sakte hain.

Sean Williams says:

Is China about to also invade Ukraine to completely annihilate Ukraine or will Russia and China both move on Taiwan

Mudassar Bashir says:

Baqi india pak ifganstan centerl Asian states to Russia khud bakhud roads and relway concted ho jaye ge us k liye ap ko tention lene ki zerurt ni hai. Baqi ifganstan mien belwaja ki interference ni chahe na ki tarf se na china na india aur na iran ki traf se ab baqi ifgan govt k sath behtar relationships increase kerne chahe not against usa and ellays but favour ifgan peace and prosperity and ur own National interests. Is it clear babez

dyatlov death knight says:

As the classic saying goes: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

May the 2 countries strengthen their ties and fight against the hegemony that is after them.

Андрей ти says:

Яке кончене

Mudassar Bashir says:

25000blion dollars air force fighter jets and air defence seytem upgradion programs k liye Russia air force military complex industries k liye .15000blion dollars for sumbreens 25000blion dollars for nevil ships military complex industries 10000blion dollars for choopers complex industries 10000blion dollars for tanks complex industries 10000blion dollars for toops complex industries 10000blion dollars for armored vehicles complex industries 5000blion dollars for IA upgradion programs 5000blion dollars for russia space institute 5000blion dollars for guns and bulits complex industries 5000blion dollars toops drone technologies complex industries. 50blion dollars for each russia military sniper spy. 50blion dollars for each space institute employee75blion dollars for each officer. 100blion dollars for each space institute department head 500blion dollars for space institute head.
Baqi if you ocording to mine defence polices and statgies move on forward then russia is 2nd military complex industries bisnuses benifissory. China 3rd France 4th isreal 5th UK 6th Australia 7th babez. Usa on top

B. Darlington Gnininte says:

Shoigu and Putin are not too closed. Watch closely.

4travisbickle says:

Is he checking they're not stealing toilets?

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