Can Mark Cuban’s Low-Cost Drug Company Disrupt the Pharma Industry? | WSJ

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Drug prices remain out of reach for many Americans, who pay among the highest prices in the world. In an interview with WSJ, billionaire investor Mark Cuban explains how his low-cost, online drug company works and the challenges it faces in a consolidated industry. Photo illustration: Adele Morgan/Storyblocks

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Vikkycb says:

I believe healthcare is the biggest weakness of USA. Not just medicine even services are unbelievably expensive. Ambulance, Emergency room even simple tests which cost literally 4-5 dollars get billed @ 100$ to consumers.

Stanley Nowak says:

The short answer is NO.

OneLegFlamingo1 says:

How in the world does taking a percentage of a rebate increase a drug's price by 400%? I have yet to see an explanation for the price differences that makes any kind of sense.

Jumbomuffin 13 says:

Pharma lobbyists won’t let it succeed

pat noonan says:

My one cholesterol drug is $425 at my local pharmacy I pay $ 35 at mark Cuban's store I pay $ 5.80 cents

Francisco Raposo says:

I save over $300 a month using Mark's website.

nisar mirza says:

Mark, you are the MESSIAH, the SAVIOR of a common man in this Country.

Hobbies says:

Absence of regulations that rein in prices, and presence of regulations that prevent competition is the problem. The public keeps arguing socialism or free-market capitalism, while the crooked selectively implement both the systems to rake in all the money.

George J Gillin Jr says:

CAN NOT BE BEAT. THANK YOU MARK FOR YOUR KINDNESS AND HELP. I AM SAVING OVER 56% on my cholesterol 90 day supply and its the same pill. Makes me wonder why when WB, JB & BG. could not do this when they said they would try. Maybe a little to much greed? Go to his website you do not have to sign up to see the prices.

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