Astrophysics and Astronomy or the Universe in Plain Language.

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Astrophysics is the branch of physics that deals with physical entities and phenomena understood as parts of the universe. It is mainly an observational discipline, as information about celestial objects is difficult to gather and interpret. Cosmology is a more theoretical sector of astrophysics dedicated to understanding the history of the universe through precise mathematical models.


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Bizarre Journey to the Outer Solar System
Origins – Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution
Leonard Susskind – The Black Hole War
Albert Einstein – Theory of Relativity
Brian Cox Andrew Cohen ‘Human Universe’………………………………

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James Win says:

The narrator is Samuel West.

Tom Sawyer says:

God will judge those who don't acknowledge his wondrous creation.

Bill Dickson says:

Alien intelligent life would have nothing to do with barbaric human beings.
We are nasty, nasty, people and without laws we would become a murderous slaughtering gang of monkeys.
If we found another world, we would destroy it just as we are doing to our own planet.
Lets hope we never have contact.
Lets hope we never get the capability to reach other habitable planets.
Lets hope that our technology will prove we are alone.
Lets hope, in our foolish development of Artificial Intelligence, that AI becomes our ruler, so that our planet is saved.
They made songs about Earth; they said, Heaven is a place on Earth and they are probably correct.

Your equations mean nothing.
The probability is meaningless.
The only thing that matters is ensuring our planet survives. We are damaging it and wasting resources as our population continues to grow.

Keith says:

These videos is how I consume time. Mind boggling I'm telling you

Eh J says:

Is this Narrator hired? I've heard his voice for this, DTTV, and Viper TV videos.

Rienk Hoek says:

Brian Cox is such eloquent writer.

Tazdian Brewhaha says:

Biggest mystery in the universe has to be this video having less than 600 likes. How is that even possible


That's far out""" man,,,

conqurr says:

If the universe is supposed to live for trillions of years. Our universe is a newborn. Our sun is supposed to live for another 5 billion years. So it makes it about 50 in star years. Our solar system would have come and went before the universe gets out of its diaper. A million solar systems will come and go b4 it starts to get old.

deeiks12 says:

I think its just a part of an audiobook. Maybe by Brian Cox?

Joe Masters says:

This narrator's voice adds the perfect level of ASMR which makes this the ideal bedtime video.

Kenneth Adkins says:

So is space flat or spherical or something in between such as like galaxies. Is space time not only expanding but swirling around like planets and galaxies? I think we should study other things that hold things together such as the gluons of strong nuclear force, or electro magnetism where it is both repulsive and attractive to gain more knowledge of gravity

David Cottrell says:

Fantastic! Great narrator….all just brilliant!

J ? says:

Seems like it starts in the middle of something… kinda odd to me but maybe it's just me… anyway pretty good video!

Manjory says:

How can I learn to learn these details and be someone who can explain in the way this video has been explained? I would love to find a lead

RWN Real World News says:

Why is platform recomending this religious Pseudoscience garbage?

Northeast Survival says:

Very well thought out and presented

Michael Sulkoske says:

If Einstein was so right about everything, show me the dark matter.

Intele Vision says:

You know I'm watching this for over a half an hour 'til I realized…there's No Video!

Jordan Richards says:

And my god I couldn't agree more!

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