Study: The COVID-19 virus originated from Wuhan wet market | World English News | WION

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Recently conducted studies that focus on the Wuhan wet market as the origin of COVID-19 contradict the lab leak theory. Reports suggest 2 consecutive spillover events at the wet market.

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Ryan McFarlane says:

Meanwhile no animal has been found with the virus. At first I thought you were dumb now I think this information is more nefarious. And why tf is this random Indian news pushed by youtube so hard?

Robert says:

Well that's a bunch of horseshit

Gaiseric says:

What a desperate attempt to hide the truth. We are supposed to believe that leaving meat out for too long did this?

Amarjeet kumar says:

Scientist are making fool to all people, it orignated from the heart of humam being , light which is life ,savier of world second coming , most people sa jejus ,kalki, mehindi , in religion

Mark Graves says:

It still doesn't explain why the wuhan lab had a black out for two weeks which means the lab was shut down then three scientists were hospitalised with covid like symptoms one month before the first cases?

Skylar Lemaster says:

See I told everyone it came from here.

Techno Science says:

A new study shows main stream media is lying about everything.

Tribesman 101 says:

This is like the old water pump cholera one, back in old London town. If the Chinese don't clean up their act it will happen again.

TSC says:

What scientist are these who can ignore many cases in Italy in Aug/ Sept/ oct 2019 through antibodies discovery, actual 4 years old boy with covid in Nov 2019, 1 case in France in Nov 2019, 39 cases of blood donations in mid Dec 2019 with covid antibodies indicating infections in Nov 2019 or earlier in this study.

Renee Maldonado says:

All the evidences scientists are "gathering", (*again*) have been provided by the Chinese government who we know are the biggest liars so their entire theory is invalid. It came from that lab.

Kyle Elich says:

I don’t believe any of this

Ed Bonds says:

Covid doesn't stop Rock the south in Cullman Alabama

Ed Bonds says:

Covid doesn't stop Walmart and golden corral buffet

Ed Bonds says:

This was man made from a lab to stop population

Troy Rubert says:

It’s cool I’m wait for the apology.

Djinghis Khan says:

Wasn't WION pushing lab theory?

R Groppi says:

Lies lies lies

SimonAU says:

Study sponsored by the CCP

Rachel Jodoin says:

Such lies !

Jeremy Wingate says:

Bullshit it came from the lab period. It was genetically modified to become what it is. There has been plenty of peer reviews to confirm this. They are just trying to make it seem like they are VICTIMS and not the global murders that they are.

ship penman says:

Noone believes you

Lion's Den says:

We should isolated this nation specially seeing how they just hide the fact that covid came out of their country and how inresponsible they were towards the global population and they have blood on their hands over millions of people that have died globally doe to their lies

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