Six behaviors to increase your confidence | Emily Jaenson | TEDxReno

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Research tells us that the way to get people to change is not to start with trying to change their attitudes alone, but to start with the behaviors associated with the attitudes. When people see themselves behaving differently, they can then think of themselves differently and the attitude change will follow. The six behaviors discussed that you could start today are derived from over 90 interviews with female executives in sports.

Emily Jaenson’s motto is “Be so good they won’t forget you!” and this motto has carried her through her career to land her former role as General Manager of the Triple-A Reno Aces. Upon accepting this role in 2018, Jaenson became the first female in Triple-A to hold the GM role in nearly 20 years. Jaenson leads a podcast, Leadership is Female, where she interviews executives in sport so that she and her guests can guide the next generation of female leadership forward and leads a team of sports front office veterans in their consulting business. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


dddm says:

Thanks for the inspiring sharing! I was very inconvenient when I was small and until last year, especially in my study background, languages (Eng). “Practice being brave and have courage” is one of the good way for becoming more confident:D I will keep watching this speech when I’m sad or frustrated

Shilpa Rani says:

such great and practical tips. I am grateful for these. Thank you.

Puneet Jindal says:

Simply don't talk to 5 percent people..u break my confidence..

FromUkLad says:

**how to increase confidence in women

There we go I fixed the title

mklh.m says:

I am also a shy person when I entered high school before. But I realized lots of things and practice my ways that helps to improve my skill and character. Now, I am a Senior in High School and I continue to face my fear and have confidence in front of my classmates, teachers, batch mates, especially in front of my fellow students when I do public speaking.

gavin yurisich says:

Scrutiny only addressed the public

Ankit shetty says:

For me its 1…2…3…
Rather than 3…2…1…
I feel the numbers are levels of me being prepared from 1 to 2 to 3…

success nation says:

1. count yourself in
2. give yourself 20 second to be brave (you just need an start )
3. take a seat at the table
4. cheers other people's success
5. bost your confidence in a new activity
6. celebrate yourself consistently ( find ways to celebrate yourself)

Denise Janowski says:

I love this so much! Sharing with co-workers and friends.

Alicia Jones says:

I love the “have 20 seconds of courage” tip. That’s a great one

Reshul Wate says:

That yes at the LAST!!! Brilliant!

Karen Bee says:

I’m not a sports fan, but I found this talk super helpful and inspiring. It’s kinda incredible that so many women are showing up with the credentials and skills to hold roles typically held by males and ain’t she a pretty woman of authority.

I utilize some of the techniques she mentioned, but not all. Counting, a 20 sec spurt of bravery, show up, celebrate others victories, grab confidence from what ur already good at, and Celebrate your wins. I can do that. Can’t wait to apply it.

I was motivated to find this video, of my own accord, as suggested by my app, Finch: self-care widget. Thanks for the TED Talk

mohamadreza nemati says:

In my humble opinion, It's more of a question about what make people unconfident?

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