Europe on coronavirus lockdown

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Novel coronavirus cases in Italy continue to rise as the country continues its lockdown. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for Brits to work from home and avoid social contact.

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Europe situation in lockdown, Ireland.

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WHO let the dogs out WHO WHO WHO WHO

He Man says:

covid 19 is made in communist China and has killed millions of people throughout the world, china communists must be dealt with and punished

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What are the top few issues that you are facing in the lockdown?

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Europe has paid too high a price for globalisation and large scale immigration. We have made ourselves vulnerable to external diseases, conflicts and terrorism that we are not culturally used to or ready to deal with.

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most inspiring song and message on corona

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I think there will huge revolution in Europe over economical collapse….how bill gates will tackle that…Israel is silent….

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Europe, the United States the world needs you, I’m worried about you from Kazakhstan, maybe it’s China’s policy to spread the virus around the world, do not leave your house for at least a month, eat garlic, easily digestible food. Stop smoking, refrain from ananisms and sweets, this will strengthen immunity, this will help, Kazakhstan does not get much coronavirus because we eat the right food and smoke little.

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