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A few months ago I had the privilege of being able to enter and see parts of western Syria. We went to see a few of the country’s major cities and ancient historical sights. Our trip was very emotionally challenging but also beautiful in many ways. Meeting Syrians, hearing their stories and capturing a small part of what the country looks like today was not a simple goal but one I hope you will enjoy joining me on. Sending lots of love to all of the Syrians of the world. Thank you for welcoming me and teaching me about your culture.

Thanks Ghaidaa for the best tour I could have possibly been on. If you want to follow her stories or travel with her, follow her on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/ghaidaa_the_guide/.

Thank you Touma for helping me capture this trip! He has just released a video about what living in Syria is like, so please go watch it here (https://youtu.be/O_-8a-8bRkE) and follow his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/toumabittar/.

Thanks Fadi for opening so many doors for us to be able to see parts of the country few have been able to for a long time. Check his work out here: https://www.instagram.com/fadiassigt/

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Dilsadh Kabir says:

What a wholesome video it was.. Moved me in so many ways❤

Shahé Jemelian says:

Thank you for showcasing the kindness, hospitality and the humanity of the Syrian people. The victims of a brutal regional proxy war.

Enthrone says:

Ghaidaa's a beautiful heart and gat the most beautiful smiles ever❤

Fahad Khan says:

My Name Is Muhammad Shahid From Pakistan. I Really Appreciate it. You Did An Excellent Job.

Jeff R says:

Absolutely incredible video. The insight into Syria, the Syrian people, and the experience Thomas had was moving.

Baris ve Esitlik says:

Essad has to take the control again. Terrorist groups like el kaide, isis, pkk, pyd etc has to be kicked out to clean the country. I am not an Essad supporter, to save that beautiful country that's the only best way….

Radu Mihai Balauz says:

thank you very much for doing this,it really helps seeing other cultures,even if it is only online!be blessed my friend greetings from Germany

Jaguar Paw says:

Lebanon used to be part of Syria, right? At 8:05 they talk about muslims believe how Jesus will return to this Mosque at the end of the days? Isn't that wrong? The best part of the video is at 9:10 when author speaks about media narrative which gave him different image of the country and the people! What syrians going through now, the same destiny had palestinians, which is evident when that girl/tour guide speaks. West remain silent at suffering of syirans now as it remain silent at palestinians suffering. For the love of God, don't talk about false civil war, if foreign financing terrorist's fight legal syrian army, that is not civil war! I watch for 11 years this conflict, I feel so sad for the people, but when I saw those kids at the fair and those highschool kids, then I know, there is still hope for Syria! They were and will be graveyard for the empires.

boliviandimples says:

How disgustingly sad that hatred causes such distraction, to human life, animals, infrastructure, etc. Why can't the men in power realize that bettering your own country makes people not want to leave, and the countries that are better off, if they would assist, advised in whatever those countries need is far better, especially since those well off countries despise foreigners, well help make those least better off countries better so that they don't want to leave. But, men have the yearning desire to conquer and have more power……you don't take it with you ‼️ If anything you will be judged more profusely.

Especially us educated ones, there's no need to not learn from the errors of generations before, however, we don't learn, we continue and make even more heinous errors….so clearly, education, nor learning from the past help, our issue is our hearts, how wicked and wretched.

skw19898 says:

She is amazing, thank you.

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