Humans VS Robots: 100 Challenges

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Thanks to Sky Elements for the drone show:



Outtro song ▶️ Axel Thesleff – Bad Karma


Airrack says:

Just want to say I love you guys and thank you for everything♥️ mafia strong

Danny Harris says:

"Robots are better due to Aim, Efficiency & Perfection, But humans are better due to Emotions, Courage, Trust, Beliefs, Trying & Not being perfect, No human is perfect, If they're perfect they're not real, Be yourself you are unique"
– Me, 03/09/22

Leo Chambers says:

8:46 I have been summoned 3 seconds later mac destroys Gan 11 m pro bruh

Margaret Parol says:

The air hockey robot sucks I beat it twice just hit it hard and rebound it off the side wall it will eventually stuff up and also have quick reaction when it hit backs

Theo Miller says:

He’s short

Sam luis Cordero says:

Just put water on the robot bruhh

James Roberts says:

bro he was using mecha godzilla sounds form GVK 2021

Holden Hamilton says:

beans is just a future me

pyhooor says:

"Ay we Got Mikos here"
Intens angry robot japanese beep boop

Darlene Black says:

I love your video so much they just give me a boost energy And like it just makes me very inspired by you Eric And that's why I love watching your videos they make me feel like I'm Not a pc of crap And I just love your videos Please like this video everyone who sees this comment

Brandon Waldridge says:

Could I have 2 slices please thanks!

Lucky Blox FO says:

Rubix Cube bot do the same thing so you can just flip one SIDE and you do it faster

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