Qualifying Highlights | 2022 Dutch Grand Prix

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In a thrilling Zandvoort contest during qualifying, Max Verstappen just pipped Charles Leclerc to pole position.

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Grim Reaper says:

team orders, Perez put her into the wall.

kenseironin says:

Why is this no longer able to be viewes??!!

fiddlestickz muzik says:

Whenever you are in the car with Max with the on board camera I always feel like he is driving right on the very edge before losing it, it's frightening how fast he is, it really is.

rapzeh says:

I need to hear the audio of Nuki's reaction to being cut off in the pit lane.

Scorched Earth says:

Mighty Max on Fire.

Pleasant Ville says:

George is a grass.

内田ガネーシュ says:

Ocon is ahead of Alonso we might see some "friendly fire" if he defends against Alonso, haphazardly.

CL Lok says:

We got P1 to P19 all within about 1 second of each other, and then we got Goatifi just chilling out there, all alone. Amazing.

Arya says:

Redbul to perez execute order 69

Danny says:

They told perez to crash to stop anyone from beating vers

Anti Woke says:

George Russel
The kid that always snitches

Chip in4seven says:

Ferrari bottle job coming up for the race ⛳

Deano 1978 says:

Perez pulling a Piquet to protect Max

vienna twntysx says:

Bad luck for perez. The yellow flag made other drivers not put a lap in. I hope Sir lewis or leclerc win this race. Track suits the cars

Youtube Explore says:

Is lando and daniel cars have the different car spec..??

Jirou HN says:

Yuki in Q1 is cracked.

The Legend says:

These commentators should be neutral. Its pro british. Its starting to get very annoying

Ryan Abbey says:

Zhou outperforming Bottas consistently isn't talked about enough.

Krismono Diantoro says:


Tyler Rich says:

Cant stand russell

Homo dux altus says:

Es como si quisieran joder a Pérez, por que ellos lo ven bien, pero no se preocupen ya se ganaran el invierno.

William Cheng says:

Mercedes r back…its gonna be a thrilling race….yay

Mage says:

This will be a boring race

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