Is FAANG Still Worth It For Software Engineers In 2022?

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The tech bubble has popped, and the tech industry is going through a recession. Software engineers are being laid off, tech companies are freezing hiring, including almighty FAANG companies (Facebook/Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google), and so it begs the question: is FAANG still worth it for software developers in 2022?

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Meixner says:

Meta with that metaverse will not recover

Pink Leprechaun says:

What would your advice be for a junior web developer fresh out of college looking for a local tech job, but not in FAANG?

Pink Leprechaun says:

Bring back the brown hair

Brian Gurka says:

Jane Street is the answer

quandele jingle says:

The Boys: s4 Homelander became programmer

Tharsan Visuvanathan says:

500k subscribers on the way!

Levy Roth says:

I just want to get good at AlgoExpert and Codewars exercises. Getting a job would be a nice bonus.

Craig Gazimbi says:

Bro you got married ?

sriram ananthakrishnan says:

Man became super saiyan to tell us this

dvlpr says:

You've got to take that hair back to its natural color my man

Felix Paniagua says:

You speak like you're spitting out

Musa says:

The final reason is: AlgoExpert will shutdown if people believed FAANG is not worth it 🙂

sqwert says:

Yea because stock in a failing company is good. Show me cash, not srock in an attempt to prop up your crappy stock. Your logic for an alleged coder is a fail. Stick too you tude and hair dressing.

Michael Skyba says:

It's still pretty clear that as a programmer, aiming to get into a FAANG company is a reasonable goal, but would you agree that the value of becoming a programmer at all has gone down? I think this is especially the case with the growth of AI, as programming in general starts to become more and more automated

pirufihho says:

Obvoiusly you área biased because your plantform prepares for job interview at those companies

G@me0ver says:

What happened to your hair?

Jake says:

Love the Trump hair. TRUMP 2024

James says:

I actually think FAANG is planning and will start to do layoffs. Many fulltime employees have lower performance than interns. It is wise to not keep them around

James says:

It is not a question of worthing it…its hard to get the opportunity to choose now

Gustavo Diaz says:

TLDW: yes it does.

World is Crazy says:

No matter what's the situation, he still manages to promote AlgoExpert

stroshinator says:

Can we just start moving from FAANG to GAMMA? I really think Microsoft should be included while Netflix is faltering.

Hamza Elachhab says:

Clement looks like justin bieber 2018

Oscar Mayorga says:

Lol What will be the Acronym now that the N is falling, whats the future on FAANG?

Mygel Bergstresser says:

I do want to bring up that Covid brought a ridiculous amount of growth to these companies. One can argue that these companies are just going back to normal. These tech companies had INSANE runs since 2020

Alex Leung says:

The idea that you get a larger compensation at fang than at a start up is not necessarily true. I'm getting paid way more at a series E than I was getting paid at Amazon or than the Google offer. Also the start up stock will likely appreciate much more than fang after it IPOs.

sciure sci says:

If you work for one of those companies at any point of your career, you're set for life. You'll never have any trouble getting interviews and you'll always get good offers.

sebwimedo says:

at the end of the day, if it's beneficial to shareholders to have layoffs, regardless of whether they really need to, they will do them to increase value to stock price

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