Stephen A. reacts to Donovan Mitchell being traded to Cavaliers | NBA on ESPN

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Stephen A. Smith expresses with the New York Knicks after the Utah Jazz traded Donovan Mitchell to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Faze Three says:

This dude's act is wearing thin

hyde22 says:

so lebron coming back next season?

Mayur Gogoi says:

F s in the chat

ALMY says:

RJ Barrett is too valuable

Piyush Bankar says:

Not gonna lie, Knicks should now go for sexton from jazz

RJay says:

I wonder how Stephen A. wuda felt if Mitchell was going to the cowboys

beau anthony says:

Donovan ain't worth all that. Knicks fans should be happy, sometimes the best trade is the one you don't make.

George Wilson says:

Good acting- hope he can keep it up a couple more years.,

Jayden Moon says:

I love Stephen A, but I have to admit I enjoy him being a diehard Knicks fan 😛

Marvin Cruz says:

The World's Most Famous Arena Madison Square Garden, and nobody wanna play there.Gotta feel bad for Knicks fan, nothing really gets done there.

NYMelo76 says:

I’m really confused ! Are you getting paid extra to act like a diva ? You present to the world these antics of the comic relief of ESPN, claiming your a Knicks fan when your nothing but a trader to the culture. Man up and think about it bruh….support our home grown.

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