Roseanne Barr – Omg

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Four brat bastards –


Leo Wells says:

Can you imagine how fun it would be to go shopping with Roseanne??

acheron4455 says:

im here ofallon,il.

acheron4455 says:

i need ur help i am being gangstalked,this is not a joke.

Aaron says:

666 views. This is a sign!

mallery unrated says:

'Are you going to behave at the mall?" Hahahah, sure… gunna get right in that, Grams! All those children heard was WaWAWAwa..WA! 😉

amy rigg says:

hahahahah ahhhh i love it – at least i'm not the only one that has to deal w/the Video Monsters – at least I know where my kid is when he's playing video games – back in your cave with you, boy

Stiggy333 says:

Ha I'm just imagining her saying that to Becky and Darlene.

WickedMo13 says:

Wheres the Respeck??? Roseanne is turning into the female version of Rodney Dangerfield ,lol

Enlightened Marco says:

Lucky grankids!

Lemon Ye11ow says:

I love how they still say ma'am in the US xx

tkr808 says:

Shut off their power supply! 😉

CherryBerry says:

I want to go to the mall with you!

Ronnie Brake says:

"little fucking brats." hahaha!

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