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Kaitlin Hallahan says:

I’ll always like this badass lady and her big ass mouth

Yoda says:

Rosie I'll still beat that up

Trixie pup says:

I just love Roseanne ❤️

Grumpies N Giggles says:

Mid drifts for everyone

Felicia Gibbs says:

Look at Roseanne. Hot momma!

Sina Moses says:

I love you!You gave me hope!

Stacy Powerhouse says:

She looks younger here.

JenX says:

I love you so much!!!❤️

Jay-C's Setting The Record Straight Podcast says:

She seems fun to hang with.

Mamilicious says:


Lazy Belphegore says:

So sad that we lost Roseanne. She was such a talented funny person.

Melissa Kowalewslki says:

Lookin good Roseanne.

Eileen Lifrieri Leroy says:

U look great

Don Don says:

We love you are American Mom.

Christopher H Oaxaca says:

Aaah…. I thought this was gonna be Sylvia Browne!!!

thethreehugs says:

Lookin awesome!

Anna says:

Whatever this was – it's iconic. Love you Roseanne!!!

Patrick Hayes says:

Can't say enough good things.

Melissa Adams says:

Roseanne I’ve commented so many times to try to reach you I’ve loved you for decades and am finally about to get your portrait tattooed on me. When our electricity was turned off before I tried to make things fun for my little sister by what I saw on an episode of Roseanne when your electricity was turned off before. You’ve helped me feel not as horrible of a person just because my mom didn’t pay the bill on time and the lights got shut off. You showed me that we were human and sometimes shit happens there is so much more I wish I could say to you. I have a seizure problem and have died for 33 seconds and I do so hope I get to meet you before I am no longer on this earth I really love you so much and loved reading one of your books I found at the library I LOVE AND ADORE YOU IMMENSELY IF BY CHANCE YOU SEE THIS ID LOVE TO MEET YOU

Lindy Lou says:

Love you Roseanne

cynthia graves says:

Thank you Roseanne! I Saw you get be human in a leopard suit late night and you've been a lady in my prayers ever since and I cheer your resilience. GOD Bless you and your family!

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