Judge to hear arguments on Trump's request to appoint a special master to review documents

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Today, a federal judge in Florida will hear arguments over whether to appoint a special master to review the documents seized from former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. CBS News homeland security and justice reporter Nicole Sganga joins us with the latest from outside the courthouse in West Palm Beach.

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christine dolan says:

A Special Master is the Very Least… that should be done!!! Americans will accept no less!
This is Russia Gate 2.0
This so-called "investigative" agency LIED to a FISA court to illegally spy on a setting President!!!
And the FBI changed an email.. and used it as Evidence to send a man to prison!!!
If Democrats don't require these agencies to follow the law!
Americans will withdraw all their support for the DOJ & the FBI!!!
The media keeps acting like their opinions are the facts… the American public will Not Accept this Farce!

Jan Wieck says:

I thought Trump already declared himself the Special Master to be appointed by the judge.

Timmy Tidewater says:

"In my administration, I'm going to enforce all laws regarding the protection of classified information. No one will be above the law." ~ Donald Trump 2016

Ghost in the Machine says:

Why wouldn't they want a special master? Wouldn't it just back up the feds claims if everything is in order?

Mauro Gelfusa says:

Just wasting time

Chas C says:

I'll be so glad when America's elected and appointed officials get away from gamesmanship and back to governance. I don't know what will happen with this case, but I see the inclusion of that photo on the news yesterday as unneeded and just trying to make press.

American Bar Association: The prosecutor should not make, cause to be made, or authorize or condone the making of, a public statement that the prosecutor knows or reasonably should know will have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing a criminal proceeding or heightening public condemnation of the accused, but the prosecutor may make statements that inform the public of the nature and extent of the prosecutor’s or law enforcement actions and serve a legitimate law enforcement purpose.

Biden Won!!!! says:

Can someone please explain to me why the Democrats are always the ones to enable or advocate for the pedophiles?


Central Scrutinizer says:

I haven't seen Democrats this triggered since Republicans freed their slaves.

eric ford says:

Umm we don’t need anyone neutral considering the fbi was used to politically persecute Trump already

eric ford says:

Umm we don’t need anyone neutral considering the fbi was used to politically persecute Trump already

Phill Martin says:

"Obstruction" is deleting emails, wiping hard drives on personal servers, destroying cell phones with hammers, and setting fire to a room with computer equipment while being investigated by the FBI. The documents in the picture taken can't be trusted to be part of the inventory taken from Mar-A-Lago, cover pages would be a dead give-away and if you were in Trump situation wouldn't you have thrown those away? If the documents were declassified what need would there be for the cover pages? The FBI has been feeding misinformation to the media about Trump since 2016.

People have to look at what's going on as jurors since the DOJ wants to prosecute Trump in the public square, how many times in the past have black Americans been convicted of something because the media controls the narrative?

Richard Bowers says:

There definitely needs to be a special master, appointed by the judge. We can not allow, the DOJ or the Democrats make the decision. The people of America, have seen the democratic corruption, more and more over the last 18 months. The people are sick of the Biden Administrations lawlessness. It's time for a change. MAGA !

Ronald Harding says:

Ridiculous! This is a government by the people. By definition, anyone chosen is a part of the government.

OliverClotheshoffe says:

Mainstream media – all Trump, all the time! Can't blame them though, who wants to talk about senile old grandpa Biden?

Tim DeGandi says:

Is traitor trump still in possession of more classified documents?
Why did he steal the classified documents he was in possession of?

Andy Timmons says:

And MAGA is scheduled to not listen….again

Pussy Destroyer says:

Heard he's asking for one of two people as special master. Either John Barron or David Dennison.

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