How To Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease

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A new study from the BMJ Global Health Journal reveals that more than 14% of people worldwide have, or have had, lyme disease. NBC news medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar joins TODAY to help you find out how to know if you have it, as well as ways to protect yourself.

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Lap88 says:

The world economic forum spoke about modifying humans genetically to get them to stop eating meat and eat bugs instead. They spoke about the lyme disease and how ticks can make people allergic to meat. Beware of these crazy people they might plan on releasing lots of ticks in the wild to get you infected by this disease. Wear long cloths and don't sit on grass.

Dave G says:

My doctor has successfully treated autoimmune diagnosed patients with a Lyme disease protocol. All patients get better. People are being misdiagnosed with autoimmune diseases such as M.S. , lupus, alopecia, arthritis. It's a disgrace.

Rachel Jackson says:

I got Lymes AND Rocky Mountain spotted fever ust two years ago and it was awful! I had to take strong antibiotics for awhile and I’ve still not felt the same since. Please Always check for ticks after being outside! I’ve pulled 3 off my daughter and 2 on my son! Ticks are really bad this year!

Gavroche says:

Be careful walking through small bushes and check out inside of bags if you carry any !

Maria Benjamin says:

I love how they keep interrupting her lol

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