Defected Russian soldier describes life inside Putin's war in Ukraine

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Pavel Filatyev was on the front lines on the first day of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, invading the currently occupied southern city of Kherson. Now, he has defected from the Russian military and is speaking out about the lies Russian soldiers were told and the way they were treated by their leaders.

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Thaddeus Pawlicki says:

Can someone tell Ukraine to stop shelling the nuclear power plant?

edward cunha says:

Trump loves Putin

John wick says:

love Russia

rctankman says:

Can I get asylum?
Yes just throw shade on your country
Ok 🙂

Juan Ramirez says:

In reality both Russian and Ukrainian militaries should turn their weapons towards
Putin/Kriminalin (Kremlin but criminal at same time).
No one should die for the ego of a mad man.

west Virginia says:

I hope Russia wins and cbs is fake news

Roy Batty says:

America is weak. Russia and China will control the world. Thank you WOKE Culture.

Bob says:

He is very brave for speaking out. Putin is doing what dictators, war lords, pharaohs, furors, ceasars and kings have done since the dawn of written history…they attack their smaller neighbors out of paranoia or desire to build empire. This is nothing new. It is simply history repeating itself again and again. I wish this soldier safety.

Bill Lam says:

Same reason many americans against the Afghan and Iraq war. Like wtf are we doing here. Only thing that's different is…nothing worth looting

KonwayALdaY says:

so he thought he was going to war with nato? nato would wrecked you all

Peter Origavong says:

We have more reading and action to participate in the 2022 forward

David Critchley says:

Plans for s bigger army were announced years ago, in 2018! Is this news channel that slow??

Bigmungus says:

i hope he has no family

Seymore Hynee says:

I've got a lot of Russian freinds … they tell me it's just as good over there then hear in the us … your propaganda sucks …

V says:

I thought Ukraine War ended.

Conscience999 says:

To the fall of putin and his thugs for

Steve DeLaCruz says:

Freedom means everything .. This needs to be shown world wide on prime time .. this is really bad Putin. Clock is ticking

Martin Neumeyer says:

Stamp out Soviet communism and Putin`s regime

Brian Gasser says:

Not sure how accurate a defectors story will be. Tough to paint an entire army with 1 disgruntled soldier's experience.

Robert Walka says:

Running out of accuses now like

Diep Hai says:

Bởi vì trận chiến Ukr là khúc dạo đầu của trận chiến tranh giành Bác Cực nên Mỹ sẽ cố gắng duy trì nó.Bây giờ là lúc khó khăn của Mỹ,nợ công và lạm phát sẽ không thể rộng tay trong trận chiến kéo dài nên hy vọng Mỹ sẽ buông tay trả lại hoà bình cho Ukr

Angel White says:

A good man.. Well done.

Angel White says:

May the Lord Jesus send angels to protect all his family + him.

DaStinger says:

Funny seeing ppl wonder how Russians can believe Russian propaganda while not realizing the western propaganda they believe. There’s a reason russian media is banned in the west just like russia bans western media 😛

Chris ChrisL says:

So you can’t verify documents and verify this story is true ? Typical western news. Throw out a story with zero proof ad if it’s gospel. With western medias proven track record of fake news, I’ll pass until you can prove it.

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